Complete Historical Notes
The Rosicrucian Fellowship


  healing by means of the Invisible Helpers, who work principally upon the etheric bodies of the patients. A much quicker cure can be obtained if the etheric work is supplemented by physical work and naturally it is to be expected that when the physical work and the etheric work are both conducted under the direction of the same institution, better results will be obtained than otherwise. It is all very well to say that all is spirit and that spirit is capable of restoring health if we will depend upon it. That is true, but spirit expects cooperation on the physical plane. Moreover, physical matter is merely spirit: in a state of condensation, and therefore it is only good sense to use physical means as an adjunct to spiritual healing.

   Objections answered: Some have expressed the thought that Mount Ecclesia with its fifty or sixty workers would provide so many patients for the Sanatorium that room would not be left adequately to take care of other patients, and that this would prevent the institution from being able to pay expenses. In answer to this objection we can say that although there will be an occasional patient from Mount Ecclesia cared for in this Sanatorium, still no person will be admitted except after a thorough examination by a physician and a report from him that the patient requires hospital treatment. In a humanitarian institution like the Rosicrucian Fellowship it is only logical and right that some provision should be made for the workers who occasionally become incapacitated while in its service. We can not claim to be truly humanitarian unless we make such provision. But there will be no abuse of this privilege. Patients from the country at large who are not able to pay will be taken care of, it is expected, in endowed rooms. Undoubtedly there will be those among our members who will wish to endow rooms and beds for patients of this character, who will thus not become a burden upon the institution nor jeopardize its financial security.

   On the opposite page we are reprinting a cut of the front elevation, showing one proposed scheme for the building. This is only one of several possible treatments, however. It shows a central two-story portion devoted to administrative and treatment rooms with nurses' quarters and solarium above, the patients' rooms and wards being located in the two wings.

   Practicing What We Preach : We have every reason to believe that this institution will not only be a material success, but that it will help the Rosicrucian Fellowship to realize its true spiritual destiny through practicing what it preaches, namely, doing physical healing service as well as teaching the principles of service and spiritual development. We are now in the position of awaiting financial developments that will enable us to make the definite announcement that we are going ahead with the proposition, and it is our earnest hope and prayer that this humanitarian enterprise may be launched in the not distant future.

   Yours in the Cause of Health,


  Rays from the Rose Cross, April 1930, p. 170-171.


   Healing is regarded by the Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order as one of the highest aspects of the work of the Fellowship. The Rosicrucian Philosophy teaches the hidden laws of nature and the occult principles which have a bearing on health, and when man learns to live in accordance with these laws, health will be universal. But in the meantime the world is full of sickness and pain, and therefore healing is one of the most important phases of our work.

   When Max Heindel made his initial trip to the etheric Temple in Europe, at which time he saw the archetype of the Rosicrucian Fellowship and in some measure its future destiny, he saw the important function that healing was to be in our work, and he described what he saw in his monthly lessons entitled, "Our Work in the World", since republished in Teachings of an Initiate. It was his hope that the Health School or Sanatorium might be built during his lifetime, but this was not to be. However, it is our hope now that this project may actually be realized in the not distant future. Regarding progress to date, the funds so far received amount to $18,082 in cash and $3,682 pledged for future payment, making a total of $21,764. We consider this an excellent showing, though we are still considerably short of our goal. The support already accorded the proposition, however, assures the eventual construction of the building.

   In December we made the cornerstone, which was a symbol of the building and which will also serve as a receptacle for records when the building is constructed. Some of our members have the erroneous idea that the cornerstone was a part of the actual construction and that building work has actually begun. The cornerstone, however, is only a block of concrete 16in. x 16in. x 24in. with a cavity in it in which the records will be placed. It is a symbol of the whole building nevertheless, and as such the making of it was an important step.

   In connection with this undertaking we shall be very glad to have the suggestions of our friends and students both as to possible methods of construction of the building and arrangement of rooms and also methods of operation after it is completed. Ideas are the most valuable things in the world because they are the archetypes of future conditions, therefore we want the cooperation of all our members in this respect. Suggestions which are sent to us will be given careful consideration, and we shall utilize them as far as they are found to be feasible.

   Easter is near at hand, and we had hoped to be able to make a definite announcement at that time regarding this project. The matter, however, is in the hands of the Lords of Destiny, working through the Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order, and we are merely instruments to carry out their wishes as nearly as we can ascertain them. We know, therefore, that if we make ourselves usable instruments, the results will be exactly what they should be both as to time and other details, and we are resting confidently in this belief awaiting developments. Yours in the Cause of Healing,


  Rays from the Rose Cross, May 1930, p. 226.

   The Rosicrucian Health School. Last month we sketched briefly the progress of the Health School project, and indicated the state of it at that time, also stating that further bulletins would be issued when there was any definite news to report. Nothing new has developed except that the fund has been slowly growing toward the point where a start may be made in materializing the proposition. Up to date $19,461 has been received in cash and $4,367 pledged, making a total of $23,828.

   We have obtained estimates of the cost of providing the physio-therapy equipment that will be used in the Health School. These indicate that $2,000 will cover this item. The cost of the building with the necessary furniture will range between $25,000 and $30,000, depending upon the size of the building. Thus it will be seen that the total investment required for this Nature Cure Sanitarium will be very slight compared to that of a regular hospital with all the medical and surgical accessories, which would run the total into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also the cost of operating the Health School will be correspondingly small.

   Advice and suggestions continue to come in from time to time from our students in response to our request, and these are all filed preparatory to making use of such of them as are feasible when the time arrives. We know the success of the institution will depend upon the support and the ideas of a large number of people; also that when a large number are behind the project, far better results will be obtained than as though it were supported by only a few moneyed men, because the mental and moral force of the many will be superior to that of the few.

   We will keep our students informed as to further developments by bulletins published in this magazine.

   Yours in the Cause of Health,


   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia in Rays from the Rose Cross, July 1930, p. 380.

   The Health School at Mount Ecclesia : Since the last issue of this magazine various plans for getting the Rosicrucian Health School project under way have been presented to the Board of Trustees. Mr. Lester A. Cramer, an architect of Los Angeles and a Probationer of the Fellowship, was appointed by the Board as the architect for this building. He was authorized to go ahead with the investigation of existing institutions and the preparation of plans.

   The general plan as developed up to date consists of a central or administrative portion of the building, of which the first story is devoted to reception room, treatment rooms, dining room, and kitchen, and the second story to nurses' quarters and a sun room for sun baths. On either side of this central portion is a wing devoted to patients rooms. The layout is in accordance with the latest developments for institutional buildings of this class. It is planned to make the building entirely of fireproof construction so as to have it absolutely safe. This first unit is designed in such a manner that it may be extended in either direction as the demand for more facilities requires. It is to occupy a plot of ground on the western side of the fifty- acre tract which constitutes Mount Ecclesia, adjacent to Carey Road, with of a fine view of the Pacific Ocean about a mile distant to the west and an equally inspiring view of the mountains to the north and east.

   As soon as the architect has his plans definitely developed, reports of progress will be given in this magazine together with cuts of the plans so as to give our members and the supporters of the Health School an opportunity to see just what is being done. Yours in the Cause of Health,


   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia in Rays from the Rose Cross, June 1931, p. 334- 335

   The Rosicrucian Health School : The Board of Trustees some time ago appointed a Building Committee to make investigations and recommendations in regard to various features of the Health School project. This committee met recently. At the meeting there were present in addition to the committee, Mr. Lester A. Cramer, the architect selected by the Board, and Miss Dorothy Whitelock, a graduate nurse from the Battle Creek Sanitarium. Dr. Gerald B. Bryan of Los Angeles, one of the members of the committee, submitted a complete list of the physio-therapy equipment required. The consensus of opinion now seems to be that in building the Sanatorium it will be best to select the doctor who will have charge of it after it is opened, as in this way his ideas can be carried out in the construction of the building so that changes will not have to be made afterwards.

   It is desired to have a Doctor of Medicine in charge of the Sanatorium, because it is felt that this will give it more standing and facilitate certain phases of its operation. It is desired, however, to have a doctor who believes thoroughly in physio-therapy and would wish to make that the larger part of the treatment to be administered. It is also desirable that the doctor selected be familiar with and in sympathy with the Rosicrucian Philosophy and its principles in order that these may be carried out in the administration of the institution.

   Therefore we are sending out this call for a man who will have these various qualifications. Needless to say, we hope to find, if possible, such a man within the ranks of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. We believe that the right man has probably already been selected by the Brothers, and that he will recognize the call when it is thus presented to his notice. We shall hope to hear from anyone to whom this notice makes an appeal.

   In as much as we wish to get this undertaking under way as soon as possible, we would ask applicants for this position to communicate with us at once, giving very full particulars as to their qualifications, education, and experience. Yours in the Cause of Health,


   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia in Rays from the Rose Cross, July 1931, p. 388- 389.

   The Health School at Mount Ecclesia : As announced in the last two issues of this magazine, we are looking for a doctor to assume charge of the plans for the Health School so that it may be designed to the best advantage and in accordance, as far as possible, with the ideas of the doctor who will have charge of its ad ministration after it is erected. We are still looking for this doctor. We have, however, had a number of applications from doctors of the various schools, all of whom are being carefully considered as candidates for this position. We believe, however, that there are others available who in due time will present themselves. We wish to get the very best man possible for this position and we intend to go slow in the matter so as to insure as far as possible this desired object. The success of the institution will quite largely depend upon the man who is in active charge of it after it opens its doors to the public. Therefore, it is easy to see that we cannot afford to make any mistake in our selection. Some of those who have already presented themselves are handicapped by certain limitations or conditions which would militate against the giving of their maximum to this project. However, we feel that haste and hurry should not be our motto and that we should not feel under any compulsion as to just when this project is gotten under way. Max Heindel had the vision of it eighteen years ago and wrote about it in his lessons and other articles and yet he did not live to see it even begun. This health institution must be built, upon a broad, sound foundation and that means careful work, extensive investigation and careful weighing of all the factors involved. We feel that the Brothers of the Order approve of the undertaking and therefore we are going ahead serene in the belief that it is working out exactly as it should for the best interests of all concerned and for its ultimate success as a factor in human progress and evolution.

   Further developments will be chronicled in this magazine as they occur from time to time.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia in Rays from the Rose Cross, August 1931, p. 447.

   The Sanatorium : As stated in the August issue of The Mount Ecclesia Herald, we are still holding open the position of resident physician for the Sanatorium, hoping to make a selection before the final working out of the plans is completed. The Board of Trustees, it is expected, will take active steps in the matter of the Sanatorium program in the near future, and a definite authorization of the plans preparatory to completing them and letting the contract for the building will probably be given in the early Fall. Further information will appear in this magazine and The Mount Ecclesia Herald from time to time as the matter develops.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia in Rays from the Rose Cross, September 1931, p. 502-503.

   The Rose Cross Sanatorium and Health School : We are glad to be able to report real progress in connection with the Rosicrucian Sanatorium. Two meetings of the committee appointed by the Board to take charge of this matter have been held, both in Los Angeles, and through the combined efforts of the committee and the architect, Mr. Lester A. Cramer of Los Angeles, a plan for the Sanatorium has been evolved which seems to be very satisfactory.

   The building is in the form of a cross with the head of the cross to the north. It is designed to he a one-story building at the present time, with provisions for a second story to be added in the future. In the center of the cross on the second story will be a rotunda which will correspond to the rose in the center of the Rose Cross which is used in connection with healing concentrations. This central rotunda will also probably be used for the work in connection with the Panacea when this has been given to humanity. The architect expects to complete the plans in form to be presented to the Board of Trustees for adoption or possible modification as they may choose at the monthly Board meeting on Sept. l9th. We expect to proceed as rapidly as possible after that with the preparation of the final working plans and the letting of the contract.

   It is planned to build the first unit of this building of such size as is permitted by the funds already on hand, which amount to close to $27,000, reserving enough to provide the physio-therapy and other equipment required and enough for operating expenses until the institution gets established. This means that probably not more than $20,000 will be available for the construction of the building itself at the present time, which means that the first unit will be comparatively small. However, when the possibilities of the institution are perceived by our students and friends, we feel sure that the funds will be forthcoming to construct the rest of the building in accordance with the complete plans.

   The name which has been tentatively adopted for this institution is that which appears at the head of this article. As planned by Max Heindel this Sanatorium was to be a wonderful addition to the humanitarian institutions of the world, and we have faith that his dream will be realized to a large extent within a comparatively short time.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia in Rays from the Rose Cross, October 1931, p. 558.

   SANATORIUM UNDER CONSTRUCTION. As reported in the Mount Ecclesia Herald for January, the contract for the first unit of Rose Cross Sanatorium was let on December 29th to Mr. Chas. G. Rieke, of Oceanside, and called for the building to be completed three months from that date. The building covers approximately 4500 square feet ground area, and is arranged in the form of a Greek cross, only one story being constructed at the present time. The first unit includes Administrative Offices, Physio-therapy Department, Obstetrical Department, and a number of rooms for patients.

   The contractor began excavation on Fellowship Day, January 6th, heavy rains having delayed it until that time. We consider it a happy omen, however, that it transpired that Fellowship Day, celebrated in honor of Max Heindel, was the day when actual work on the Sanatorium was begun. It is expected that the construction will now proceed without delay until completion.

   We do not have enough funds at the present time to entirely furnish and equip the institution after the building itself is constructed, but there is enough to make a start, and then the equipment will be added to as our resources expand. The important thing is that this undertaking has at last got under way and that we are on the road to realizing Max Heindel's ideals and wishes, and are also carrying out the advice of the Teacher to heal the sick, not only on the spiritual plane but also on the physical. We believe that the Sanatorium will be an important factor in the development of the work of the Fellowship, and that through its instrumentality the Fellowship will realize its destiny much more effectively than would be possible without it.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, February 1932, p. 110.

   Doctor and Nurses Wanted for the Sanatorium: The head nurse for the new Sanatorium has been selected. Assistant nurses, however, will be required, and we would prefer to obtain them from among our own membership if possible, as thus they will have the Rosicrucian ideals as well as the technical nursing qualifications. Therefore we shall be glad to receive applications from nurses, both graduate and practical, stating fully their qualifications in the form of education and training, also the conditions under which they could come to Mount Ecclesia if they were selected for a position

   Doctors who are trained in physio-therapy and who would be interested in the position of physician in charge of the Sanatorium are invited to correspond with us. We wish to obtain an M. D. for this position, but one who is familiar with physio-therapy practice as well.

   As the contract for the Sanatorium has been let and the construction is now under way, it will be only a comparatively short time before the selections for these positions should be made, and therefore applications of prospective candidates should be sent us at once.

   Sanatorium Committee,


  Rays from the Rose Cross, February 1932, p. 111.

   CORNER STONE OF SANATORIUM LAID: The corner stone of our new Sanatorium was laid on Sunday, February 7th, about noon. A full account of the exercises, together with a photography giving a view of the scene, will be published in the next issue of the Mount Ecclesia Herald, which is sent out on March 1st. Watch for it.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, March 1932, p. 163.

   SANATORIUM NEARING COMPLETION. The above cut shows the progress which has been made on Rose Cross Sanatorium. Since the above photograph was taken the placing of the doors and windows has been begun, and the semi-circular platform and steps at the entrance have been constructed. Nearly visible in the cut is the stone cross above the entrance, which will be encircled by seven red metal roses, the gift of Mr. John Volkert of Alhambra, California. The building is beginning to look like a real sanatorium. There isn't much left to do on the physical structure now except to install the plumbing and lighting fixtures; also apply the white stucco on the outside, which may be delayed until fall. Now we are up to the problem of selecting and installing the physio-therapy equipment and the furniture, the former consisting of both hydro-therapy and electro-therapy. Further developments will be reported in this magazine and the Herald as they occur.

   Rays from the Rose Cross, June 1932, p. 163.Progress of the Sanatorium : At a special meeting of the Board of Trustees held at Mount Ecclesia on June 4th, Christmas was set as the tentative date for the opening of the new Sanatorium to the public. It is hoped that all the necessary arrangements, including furnishing and equipping the institution and obtaining the personnel to operate it, will be completed by that time and possibly before.

   The physical features of the building are now practically finished. The concrete terraces are omitted for the present as they are not a necessity in the beginning. The final touches to the building will be made within a couple of weeks, including the grading of the grounds, etc.

   The building, both inside and out, presents a very fine appearance. The exterior is white stucco, the front entrance being of artificial stone with columns and entablature as shown in cut. The latest hospital conveniences and accessories will be provided. There is an electrical call system for nurses, nurses' station, diet kitchen, etc. The obstetrical department is not being finished at the present time, as that is left for a future development after it is decided by the doctor and head nurse whether it is desirable to proceed with it.

   Twenty-one thousand dollars have been spent in completing the building itself, and approximately $5,000 yet remains for furniture, physio-therapy equipment, and reserve fund. The doctor and head nurse to be in charge have been tentatively selected, and will be announced later.

   It is hoped that some of the Centers will desire to furnish certain rooms, which will be named after the Centers which do this. It is also thought that some of them will wish to endow charity beds in the institution, because many will come to us who will not have the means to provide for their treatment and some provision for them must be made. The institution is starting with only a small reserve fund and therefore cannot provide free treatment, at least in the beginning, unless this is covered by an endowment.

   It is particularly requested that between now and the tentative opening date in December our students and friends, both in and out of the Centers, make this undertaking the subject of prayer and meditation in order that the archetype of the opening may be definitely formed, which will be a tremendous help in making the institution a success after it is opened. Please don't forget this, for it is an important factor.

   Advertising matter, booklets, including schedules of prices for rooms, treatments, etc., will be prepared during the summer and fall and sent to all students and to agencies for getting publicity so that we shall have a waiting list of patients when we get ready to open. Any publicity which the friends and students of the Fellowship can give to this undertaking, both from the standpoint of get ting patients and also increasing its reserve fund, will be greatly appreciated and is much needed. The institution must be self- supporting because it can not be supported from the funds donated to the general work of the Fellowship. The present reserve fund will not last long unless it is supplemented by other endowments or unless we are successful in obtaining an adequate number of patients to pay expenses and keep the institution running. Therefore the cooperation of all is earnestly requested for this important undertaking. All can have a part in it and help to make it a success, both by their prayers and their material assistance.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, July 1932, p. 389-390.


  Rays from the Rose Cross, January 1939, p. 1

   Much Ado about Spring Housecleaning. We found it necessary to close the Sanitarium Building while the plumbing replacement was being taken care of.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, July 1957, p. 3.


   The Sanitarium Building is open again with guests coming and going in these vacation days. We are happy to see friends old and new who are enjoying with used the refreshing climate as well as the companionship and spiritual communion that brings us together whenever possible to get away from daily affairs of life.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, August 1957, p. 4, "Summer School Edition."

Summer--Fall 1913

   We have had an anxious time for the last few months. Mr. Heindel has had water on the brain, and physicians say that that is a very dangerous disease, but don't be alarmed, the water is beginning to flow over Mount Ecclesia at the rate of 100 gallons per minute, so we have great hopes that he will soon be in normal working condition and devote his energy to the spiritual side of the work.

   Seriously, we have been confronted by a great problem, for Mount Ecclesia is situated on a level with the city reservoir and as the number of students increased, more ground had to be put under cultivation. Then, it was discovered that the obtainable water supply was entirely inadequate, and that it would cost a mint of money to obtain sufficient water to supply our growing needs. There was just one way out; the bulk of the 40 acres owned by the Rosicrucian Fellowship are on a high tableland, but one little corner of 1 1/2 acres is in the valley 235 feet below. There the water might be found, we thought, and, if so, it could be pumped up on the hill to make us independent. Accordingly, Mr. Heindel has two wells sunk, these gave an abundant supply of water, an engine and pump were then installed and a large pipe is now being laid up the hill so that we shall soon have our own water supply and we see in this another indication that the present Fellowship Center was located by the Elder Brothers as perfectly suited to our needs, for without that little piece of valley land whereon to locate our wells, Mount Ecclesia could never have been made into the beautiful place which we contemplate.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, September 1913, p. 1.

December 9, 1913

   Last month, we thought we were taking time by the forelock, when we spoke of our busy time, constructing the Pro-Ecclesia and of preparing a palm drive which was to materialize sometime next spring. But event before the last Echoes had been printed, holes were dynamited for seventy-eight palms. My, but didn't they shoot! The whole administration building shook, and on the 9th of December the palms were all in place. Most of them are ten feet high, but a few are six footers, and you have no idea what a transformation it has made on Mount Ecclesia.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, January 1914, p. 1.

   Ecclesia Drive: In December 1909, we made a main artery on Mount Ecclesia, a beautiful wide winding drive, which we completed for about nine hundred feet, and planted with large palms on both sides, which we had bought from a nursery in Oceanside. But for a year the sea breeze which blows in the middle of the day on Mount Ecclesia proved too strong for the poor palms, and they had a hard time to accommodate themselves, now however they have grown strong and sturdy, and everything is looking well. We are afraid however, to try another experiment of the same sort and therefore we have started a nursery and planted several hundred palms of different kinds. These will grow up native to the soil, accustomed to the winds from babyhood on, and next year when we extend Ecclesia Drive, as we call our main road, around to Ecclesia Point where the Ecclesia is to be built, we will also plant these little baby palms so that when the Ecclesia is completed, there will be a nice vegetation to set off the beautiful building.

   Rays from the Rose Cross, November 1915, p. 38.

January 1914

   Last month we forgot to mention a very important arrival, little Herman Miller of San Francisco; his mother gave her life for his, and the exigencies of business life forces Mr. Miller to put the infant in care of strangers, a condition naturally not to his liking. His letters to Headquarters spoke most feelingly on the subject, and we finally decided that it would be a good plan to start a nursery, wherein children could be brought up according to the ideals of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. We have strong views on this subject and paradoxical as it may sound, our first maxim is "don't say don't". We are firmly convinced that repression of energy at any time is wrong. Instead, when a child does something which it ought not to do, we aim to turn the attention from that particular thing and direct it to something else. Thus the energy is given scope and the child automatically learns to do things which are suggested, rather than those from which its attention is repeatedly turned. Herman is now three years old. So far our method has worked wonders with him and we are convinced that it will work equally well with all. For during the first seven years the vital body is in the course of gestation, and the child readily imitates whatever is brought before it. We hope to have the privilege of training many children for the Rosicrucian teachings can have no better recommendation than that they turn out men and women of merit, who are healthier spiritually, mentally, morally and physically than those brought up under ordinary conditions. Little Ruth Rockwell used to be the only baby on Mount Ecclesia, but the arrival of Herman Miller has given her a playmate. Of this we are glad, for numbers always add zest and interest in the play.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, February 1914, p. 2-3.

February 1914

   As the buildings on Mount Ecclesia increase, it was necessary to have a bell that could be heard over a large area of ground, so Mr. Nace, of Chicago, went to Los Angeles and bought us a large bell, with a very mellow and musical tone, that may be heard for miles. Long may it last, and oft may it call to feed bodies and souls. And, by the way, the people around us are not only hearing from us, but the settlement on Mount Ecclesia is already for many miles both day and night.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, February 1914, p. 4.

   The bell and all the installation have been restored in 1992.


   The roses are blooming profusely upon Mount Ecclesia, and there are so many violets that we cannot pick them...

   This month we are going to plant a hundred or more rose-bushes. There will be one between each of the palms on Ecclesia Drive; so that next summer Mount Ecclesia will be literally blooming like a rose in the desert.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, February 1914, p. 3.

March 1914

   Mount Ecclesia is as busy as ever, and the volume of work is constantly increasing. We started with one typewriter three years ago; now the six typewriters which we have could not handle the correspondence were it not for the printing press which print the different monthly letters and the addressing machine which addresses envelopes and papers, exceeding the combined capacity of more typewriters than we have, if used for addressing alone. And still the work is crowding, where fore we have decided on purchasing some dictating machines whereby the dictator's words make a phonographic record, which the typist can then transcribe. This will save them the labor of taking dictation by shorthand notes, and allow them to hammer away at the typewriters from morning till night. We are also getting a machine to make the addresses which the addressing machine then prints on the envelopes, and we have between four and five thousand names waiting to be thus stenciled.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, March 1914, p. 1.

April 1914

   We take pleasure in announcing that we are now able to supply our friends with photographic postal views of the buildings at Mount Ecclesia, through the kind work of Mr. Lindley Eddy of San Diego. There are six different views: An interior and exterior of the Pro-Ecclesia, a semi-panoramic of all the buildings of the cottages and Administration Building, the Administration Building alone, and the latter again with the Pro-Ecclesia in the distance. A set of six for 25c.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, April 1914, p. 2.

1913 -- 1914

   During the year passed since the school was first opened, a number of cottages have been built; each room has a lavatory with running water. More cottages will be put up this summer as required to take care of students.

  As the climate of Southern California is salubrious in the very widest sense of the word, mild and balmy, many students prefer to live in tents. We have therefore left the tent city erected last year (1913) in place. These tents have board floors, are electric lighted and very comfortable. Besides, the rate is $4 per month less than charged for room in the cottages.

   Both tents and cottages have a view of the magnificent San Luis Rey valley with its historic old Spanish Mission, and the snowcapped mountains 100 miles away; a scene of indescribable inspiration.

   Rates for Board and Room vary according to accommodations from $1.00 per day to $1.25; $6.00 per week to $8.00; $25.00 per month to $33.00. Patients are charged $5.00 per month above the rate to students.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, April 1914, p. 5-6.

   THE DINING HALL--built during Summer 1914 -- Dedicated on Thanksgiving Day 1914

   ( Rays from the Rose Cross, October 1919, p. 204)

   The dining room (old building) faces the magnificent San Luis Rey valley, and the students enjoy their meals much better because of the wonderful beauty visible without. Classic music rendered at meals also aid assimilation. During the summer a new dining room will be erected with a seating capacity of 300. It will have a commanding position. From there, both the wide expanse to the Pacific Ocean and the wonderful valley view may be seen. Harmony and beauty are better aids to digestion than pills.

   The diet consists of fresh vegetables grown in our own garden. Whole Wheat Health Bread baked right on Mount Ecclesia, and milk from our own dairy. There is health and strength in every dish; full satisfaction for the healthy and the sick alike.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, April 1914, p. 6.

   The present quarters of the culinary department were intended only for temporary use--a sort of camping out as it were--and they naturally lack in many ways the comforts and conveniences of permanent quarters which will be ours when the dining hall is completed. Then we shall feel more like encouraging students, patients and guests to come to Headquarters. We use food as medicine, and the more perfect the surroundings in which it is prepared and partaken of, the greater its health giving efficiency. Scarcity of funds is unfortunately delaying completion of the building.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, August 1914, p. 4.

   The new Dining Hall is nearing completion and we hope to be in it the first week of October. This will indeed seem a treat, after being in the old dining room, which was only built for temporary use and sort of camping out purposes, to get into this permanent, new, beautiful building.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, October 1914, p. 1

   The celebration of Independence Day brought us many guests, who spent the third, fourth, and fifth of July in the quiet atmosphere of Headquarters. The guests were most pleasantly surprised by the change in the method of serving the food in the Dining Hall, which has been turned into a regular Cafeteria. A greater variety of food is served, both cooked and raw. This method gives each one an opportunity to choose what he wishes to eat. The patrons pay with cash or tickets, and the rental of the rooms is separate from the dining room charge.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, August 1915, p. 2.

   ELECTRIC LIGHT PLANT, Installation finished at the beginning of November 1914

   It was just three years from the day of the ground-breaking, that the electric plant was started; it will be our greatest help in promulgating the philosophy and in sending letters of health and healing all over the world through the dictaphone. That installation in finished now. This electric light plant is the munificent gift of one of our Northern California members. But why do you think that he gave that plant to us, why do you think we wanted that plant? Not so much that we might get the electric light, at that it might aid us in our spiritual work during the daytime...The local electric plant runs only when they feel like starting it; the last three weeks in October we had no electricity at all. As a consequence of this lack, our dictaphones were idle sometimes weeks at a time, and the Esoteric Secretary was forced to dictate her letters by shorthand to the stenographers, that time therefore was wasted and the delay in getting out correspondence was felt keenly by students and still more by patients.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, November 1914, p. 1, 2.

   We have also placed ten opal glass-balls on top of the Dining Hall, each is sixteen inches in diameter and has a light in the center. Two more balls of the same size are on the Pro-Ecclesia, and each of the three bells has a light. Thus Mount Ecclesia has upwards of 150 lights in the grounds, and a luminous halo indicates its position even before the lights are seen by travelers....

   And this reflection adds another note of appreciation of the friend who gave us the electric plant, for if we had had to pay the enormous prices asked by the local electric Corporation, we should not have been able to afford that much light. Now it is merely a matter of little added fuel which is well worth the chance of attracting someone seeking spiritual light to Mount Ecclesia.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, February 1915, p. 1, 2.

   The San Diego Electric Company has installed for us a most complete electrical system, giving Mount Ecclesia one of the largest private electrical plants in San Diego County. The new building (dormitory) will be heated with electric heaters and will have electric water heaters for the baths. The large Sun Parlor which was built on the roof is already a most popular place, for the outlook from there over the ocean and the San Luis Rey Valley is an inspiration.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia in Rays from the Rose Cross, February 1924, p. 448.

   The electricians are at work rewiring the grounds, for Mount Ecclesia has grown so large that the old electric system which was put in by Mr. Heindel could no longer take care of the lights and power. On Christmas Night when so many more lights were needed than usual the switch which connected the meter with the main line was so hot that there was real danger of fire; so we have been put to this extra expense at a time when the heavy bills were due on the building. But this new system with its larger wires and meters will be able to take care of all of our expansion in the future.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia in Rays from the Rose Cross, March 1924, p. 492.

   We are setting a number of large concrete lamp posts with globes along the main drive to light the grounds, and we are truly becoming a "city of lights set upon a hill". The writer will leave you to guess which are the lights that shine the brightest.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia in Rays from the Rose Cross, April 1924, p. 535.

THE PRO-ECCLESIA--(Chapel)--1914

   November 27, 1914: decision taken to build the Pro-Ecclesia

   November 29, 1914: ground-breaking of the Pro-Ecclesia

   December 24, 1914: dedication of the Pro-Ecclesia

   On the 27th of November, it was just two years since Headquarters were established on Mount Ecclesia, and for a long time we were undecided how we might most fittingly celebrate the Anniversary. First, we thought of a flag raising and then, it occurred to us, that it would be a good idea to send out a letter to the students asking each to contribute not more than five cents to defray the cost of making an emblem flag, so that everyone would have a part in that symbol of our faith. We felt that all students would have appreciated this privilege, but in the last moment the scheme was abandoned as being in direct violation of the injunction of the Elder Brothers to Mr. Heindel, "Never ask for money for any purpose whatsoever."

   Then we thought of a palm planting. But finally a suggestion from the Teacher (one of the Elder Brothers), though not given to help us out of that dilemma, has solved the problem in a manner that we believe will be generally appreciated by students.

   The way it came about is, that we have been using the dining room both as class room and for the Sunday evening services, while the New and Full Moon meetings have been held in Mrs. Heindel's room, it being felt that the particularly sacred nature of these last named meetings demanded a place which was free from the atmosphere of discussion unavoidable in the classes. But we have no place set apart entirely for spiritual exercises. Sometime ago, the Teacher spoke regretfully of this lack to Mr. Heindel, and suggested that simple morning and evening devotional exercises be taken up, and the one room be set apart for that purpose. This was immediately done to the unanimous satisfaction of the students who all feel the benefit thereof. The Sunday evening service, however, is still held in the dining room, and the New and Full Moon service in Mrs. Heindel's quarters. We could see no way of altering this until we comply with the further suggestion of the Teacher, "that as soon as possible we should erect a separate building devoted entirely to spiritual work, and that it need neither be large nor elaborate."

   We therefore decided to celebrate the Second Anniversary of the Headquarters, by breaking the ground for the Pro-Ecclesia, which will be built in the Spanish or Moorish style, 36 feet long and 18 feet wide, with seating capacity for about seventy-five. Mr. Heindel drew the plans and the design was perfected by Miss Lyon. Mr. Wm. Koenig, a student, who is an architect and builder in San Francisco has taken charge of the work and is pushing it as fast as possible, so that we hope to have our Dedication Service in the new building on Christmas Eve. Although the Pro-Ecclesia will be small, we believe it will be very artistic for both Miss Lyon and Mr. Vogt will help on the interior decorations.

   So, on Thanksgiving Day, 29 of us went to the site of the Pro-Ecclesia, and forming a circle with Mr. and Mrs. Heindel in the center. After a few remarks, Mr. Heindel turned the first shovelful of earth. Each one in turn then did the same.


   Passages from I Chronicles, Chap. 22 were read by the editor regarding the building of Solomon's Temple bringing out the fact that David who was a man of war, was forbidden to build, the privilege being granted to his son Solomon, who, as read by Mr. Heindel from II Chronicles, Chap. 1, did not ask for power over his enemies but desired that God gives him wisdom to lead the people. And then followed the words of Christ, about taking no care for earthly things but seeking first the Kingdom of God, in full assurance that all we need will be given to us when we work with the Great Law.

   Mr. Heindel then said in part: "During the past year and years we have all had abundant cause to give thanks to our Heavenly Father, but we never before has so great a cause to-day, when it is our privilege to lay the foundation for the Pro-Ecclesia, the first building to be entirely devoted to spiritual services on Mount Ecclesia and thus carry out the request recently made by the Teacher."

   But if we regard only the building of stone, timber and plaster, we see not the true church, for these physical materials are dead and meaningless. But out of the hopes, the longings, the sacred aspirations which we shall voice within this earthly structure there will be built the true Temple of devotion, an etheric structure of a grandeur inconceivable to the physical sense. Sometime, it will be the privilege of each one who steadfastly pushes forward upon the path of attainment, to visit the Temple of the Rose Cross where the Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order carry on their grand work. But the physical structure gives no clue to what the place is. The structure is etheric; it is still building, as every true spiritual structure in the world, for the work done there adds daily and yearly to its beauty and splendor. Kennedy, author of The Servant in the House, had the true conception of the Temple, when he lets Manson, the servant, tell the old worldly bishop what his temple was like in the following words:

   "I am afraid you may not consider it an altogether substantial concern. It has to be seen in a certain way under certain conditions... Some people never see it at all... You must understand, this is no dead pile of stones and unmeaning timber, it is LIVING THING..."

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, December 1913, p. 1-3.

   On the 9th of December 1914, the palms were all in place, and the Pro- Ecclesia has also been finished. The acoustic properties are very fine, every word spoken, in even the lowest voice is plainly heard by every one. And the resonance of the organ is thus added to, in a manner, which must be heard to be appreciated.

by Max Heindel

   The day before Christmas we had a strenuous day, putting the finishing touches on the new building. So on Christmas Eve we set the alarm clock to waken us at half past eleven, and went to bed early. All rested and many slept. But at five minutes to twelve, we were in the Pro-Ecclesia, ready for the service. And isn't remarkable! there were just thirty-six present, making the mystic number nine. You may remember, that there were nine present at the ground-breaking and nine at the first spiritual service held on Mount Ecclesia. This without any premeditation, but it just "happened," if there is such a thing as chance. Indeed, the thirty-sixth member came to Oceanside unexpectedly, late on the evening of December 24th.

   Mr. Heindel said in part: "My dear sisters and brothers, we have met here to-night to dedicate the first building devoted solely to worship of God, along the lines of the Rosicrucian teachings. This an inestimable privilege, for which we cannot be too grateful. But though our hearts may swell with love and gratitude to God for this house, so beautiful in its simplicity, let us not forget the words spoken at the time when we laid the cornerstone. After all, this is only a dead pile of stones and unmeaning timbers. God does not dwell in houses made by hands. If we want to meet with God, we must build in and around this place, the unseen spiritual temple... which is a living thing, and only such a living thing can house the living faith wherewith we must abide in the world, and take part in its work, to bring about the Kingdom of Christ, Who for our sakes is now groaning and travailing, awaiting our manifestation as Sons of God."

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, January 1914, p. 1, 2.

   The day on Mount Ecclesia begun with service at the Pro-Ecclesia and ended in the same way. It is a short service, with song, and meditation upon some given selection from the Bible or other suitable work preferred by the student officiating. If by any mishap, you "put the wrong foot out of bed" as grand- mother used to say, just be sure you're in time for morning service. That will correct it. You no sooner enter the door then you feel the right foot came in, no matter which it may have been. And as you take your seat and note how the sunlight through the open door comes just at the proper angle to brighten the flowers at the altar, the first notes from the organ, the call of the violin, start something moving within you, and by the time meditation is over, you feel ready with the rest to "live a life of Service today that shall bring us nearer to God,"--the closing words at each morning service.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, April 1914, p. 1.

   The progress made during the last year at Headquarters has been gratifying in all directions. A year ago last Thanksgiving, we laid the foundation for the Pro-Ecclesia, and what a blessing that has been. We built so fast that it was ready for occupancy, and the first service was held there on Holy Night the following month. Since then, prayer and praise have never ceased to go up thence morning and evening. Sunday, at the New and Full Moons, all these times have been observed, and we have since then been building faithfully and diligently upon the real temple. It was particularly emphasized at the time that it is not built of stone and mortar, but of the human hearts, of the human aspirations that have been centered upon that place. You in the world, everywhere over the globe have helped us in this, particularly during the Healing Services, which are held every time the Moon enters a cardinal sign. The students have centered their thoughts upon the emblem in the Western part of the Pro-Ecclesia, and on the white rose signifying the purity of lives we are endeavoring to lead. In that emblem of chastity and beauty there has been centered the thoughts of healing, thoughts of strength, of purity and moral uplift, which we have been endeavoring to radiate all over the world as the Rays from the Rose Cross radiate from a common center. So this material building has served as the vehicle of spiritual blessing many times. Powerful have been the thoughts that have been projected from that place, and many are the letters we have received at Headquarters testifying to the benefits that have been thus received, not only by those that have come here and personally entered into the Center, but by everyone that has been in need of help.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, November 1914, p. 1.

   ELECTRICAL ROSICRUCIAN EMBLEM, received in the latter part of 1914--placed at the beginning of 1915--"Let Your Light Shine"

   While we have endeavored to let our light shine in the biblical meaning ever since the Rosicrucian teaching were confided to our care, the year nineteen hundred fifteen marks an era of greater light, for one of our friends in the north, sent to the Fellowship in the latter part of nineteen hundred fourteen, an electrical emblem about seven feet high.

   The five pointed star of golden rays are outlined by a number of electric lights, and it has in the center the white cross and the seven red roses, also electrical lighted, moreover, it is so constructed that while the cross remains lighted all of the time the lights in the star flash. When, in the course of time, we have an ornamental gate at the entrance to Mount Ecclesia we shall place this emblem over the entrance; but we believe in letting our light shine to the fullest extent of our ability, both spiritually and literally, using our opportunities as they come, doing day by day as much as we possibly can, so we erected the emblem upon two high posts which are partially hidden by a large bush. This emblem may be seen in the day-time over a wide area of country, for the white cross is very dazzling and naturally the golden rays also reflect the light of the sun.

   On New Year eve the current was turned on by the donor's little son Herman, and instantly the Rose Cross appeared in fiery splendor a flaming symbol of Light, its dazzling brilliance strikingly accentuated by the inky darkness of the surrounding landscape. Then, as if to add more wonder to this wonderful sign in the heavens, there appeared a few moments later a five pointed star which surrounded the Rose Cross with a blazing halo, adding light to light, glory to glory. In a few moments the star disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared, to reappear a few moments later. And so in alternating cycles the blazing star and the Rose Cross preaches a silent but luminous sermon on the mystic Light which lighteth "Everyman", a sermon in light that may be seen for twenty miles by anyone who has the right eyes, the eyes of the seeker. Let us pray that it may guide many to Christ, whether they find the Kingdom through Mount Ecclesia or another gate.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, February 1915, p. 1.


   We ought to have a magazine of at least sixty-four pages, containing a department of health which should be edited by one of our Doctor students, another on Astrology, taking up rudimentary as well as more advanced topics. There are plenty of students in the various centers who have been fitted for this work, and could supply articles. The writer could take care of a Question Department, which might be a sort of tribunal for all matters. Systematic lessons ought also to be taken up, both in Bible study and in the study of the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception. All these things are possible and capable of realization at a very early date, provided the students will give earnest, honest and, above all, persistent co-operation...

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, January 1915, p. 5.

   The Echoes from Mount Ecclesia will be kept as a department in the larger magazine, to give all the little news from Headquarters that we have been having heretofore. Then there will be a department on the Mystic Light which will take up bible studies from the mystical side and all other things that come along the mystic line. Studies in the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception will be another department. The Astral Ray Department will give astrological articles and the department of Nutrition and Health will take up subjects relating to the bodily welfare including diet. Receipts for cooking will be given each month.

   It is believed at Headquarters that this magazine will be a wonderful factor in spreading the teachings of the Rosicrucian Fellowship, and we hope that every one will give it all the support possible.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, March 1915, p. 15, 16.

NEW ADMINISTRATION BUILDING--Beginning: March 13, 1917

   Many more improvements are needed of course, particularly an administration building. At the present time our office is in the most inflammable structure and it houses the most valuable things on the grounds, namely: The letters of the students, the lists of name, our stock of books, type-writers, dictaphones, addressing machines, etc. It also has on the lowest floor, the printing plant with all the valuable plates, type, and thousands of dollars worth machinery. The office and printing plant should be moved as soon as possible to a fireproof structure, and we hope it may be possible before the end of the year to commence on such a building. But after such an experience as we had in getting the dining hall up without going into debt, we have decided that we will not start until a considerable amount is in the treasury, available for that purpose. It is to be a white building, the same style as the dining hall, and built of the same fireproof material: gypsum blocks, which are the most economical building material available, and at the same time they give to the building a beautiful and substantial look that could no be equaled for twice the amount worth any other material.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, July 1915, p. 39-40.

   The New Administration Building: Visitors to Mount Ecclesia during the past year or more have often sympathized with us on account of the crowded condition of the office and the print-shop. The prodigious amount of work we turn out has necessitated installation of one piece of machinery after another so that there is scarcely room to move about, but now we are rejoicing that the congestion is about to be relieved. On the 13th of March, at two o'clock in the afternoon, the brick layers will commence work on a new two-story administration building which will have 4800 feet of floor space. The print- shop will be located on the first floor and the general offices will occupy the entire second floor. This will give us room for all our present needs and provide for expansion which will evidently take place during the coming years. It is our intention to start a book-bindery on a small scale as soon as we get into our new quarters for we have two new books under way which we know the students will find very valuable and we want to bring them out in a handsome style. So you see that the work is growing. It is only a little over five years since we bought this land. It was then a barren wilderness of sage brush and the reporter from the San Diego paper who witnessed the ground breaking for our present administration building and the planting of the Cross said that it seemed to him at that time like planting a stick in the wilderness. May God bless the work that is begun in this building and may our field of usefulness increase to such a proportions that we may soon outgrow the capacity of this building as we have outgrown the accommodations of the present one.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, April 1917, p. 189.

   On the 13th of March at two o'clock in the afternoon the constructive work on the new administration building was commenced after a simple ceremony performed by nine of the Probationers on Mount Ecclesia. The work is progressing satisfactorily so that we hope to be able to move the machinery of the print-shop by the middle of May and probably the building will be entirely completed so that the general offices which are to be located on the second floor can be moved in the latter part of June. We are certainly praying for the day to dawn for the crowded condition of our present office, and printshop has been unbearable almost for the last year necessitating considerable extra work on the part of all the workers, not to speak of the discomfort at all.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, May 1917, p. 39.


   It has always been difficult to get ephemerides in America, because the English publishers allow dealers so small a profit that very few care to invest the money necessary to carry these books in sufficient quantity to meet demands promptly. Since the war, this has grown worse and we have waited five months for a supply of 1912 Ephemeris which we use in our correspondence course in Astrology.

   Naturally, this hampers both us and our students greatly, and now comes the announcement that the price has been raised to 50c and a further raise may be looked for. This is putting it on with a vengeance and why?

   Previously, the ephemeris for the coming year was available in August on the Pacific Coast. This year we have not received it on the date of present writing, November 16th, and we need it now to announce the dates of our healing meetings in January and February to subscribers who wish to join us in thought so the situation is getting acute.

   These grievances have been weighing upon us for some time, and have begotten in us a determination to endure no longer. Patience has ceased to be a virtue and we shall now enter the field and see what effect a little competition will have.

   Our ephemeris for 1912 is just off the press. It is a better ephemeris than any heretofore published, set in large easily readable type to save eyestrain. It is simpler as it gives both longitude and declination of all the planets and the Moon's Node for every day, also the place of New Moons, Full Moons and Eclipses in plain characters. There is also a table of Logarithms for 24 hours set in large type. This splendid ephemeris we sell for 25c post free and we propose to print the ephemerides of previous years in the same style and sell them at the same price of 25c, no more.

   We have also produced the ephemeris for 1918, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1879, 1880, 1881 and 1882. These, with the one for 1912 are ready for delivery, and we are working as fast as we can to get other years' ephemerides ready from 1860 to date. This we hope to have accomplished by spring of 1918.

   The ephemeris 1919 is now being calculated and we expect to have it ready for distribution in the summer of 1918.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, January 1918, p. 105.

   Simplified Scientific TABLES OF HOUSES--February 1918

   For each degree, Latitudes 37 to 48 inclusive. Twelve Tables in all. Will be ready February 10th, 1918. Price 50 cents, post-free.

ECCLESIA--(The Temple)--Corner Stone made on Thanksgiving Day 1914

   A dilemma: Have you ever been in the situation described as "between the devil and the deep sea?" I am there not infrequently on account of the injunction place upon me by the Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order, that under no circumstances may I put a price on the Rosicrucian teachings, or solicit money for buildings or any other purpose. This I was told was to be left to the men and women who became interested. They must do that among themselves. With this idea, I am heartily in accord, and have obeyed it in the spirit as well as to the letter, as far as I knew how, but continually something comes up and I don't know just how to act on the right side. Now we have received a letter from a friend in Chicago, one of our worthy members, a man who if I remember rightly once collected $150,000 wherewith to build the Chicago Press Club, and did this in a very short time. He has made propositions at different times for raising money to build the Ecclesia, and as you know that matter was taken up last year by the Finance Committee. I don't know how I shall keep my hands entirely off it. I cant help myself. It seems I must publish such communications, must give the men and women who want to help a chance to express themselves, or else they really cannot do the work. At the same time I hope that you will understand that personally I have nothing to do with it; that I have not suggested it; that I am not taking any active part in these attempts to raise money for anything but that all that is done in that way is an outcome of the feeling of these members that they want to do something to realize the plan of the Elder Brothers, that an Ecclesia should be built during the second decade of the present century, as the philosophy was published before the end of the first decade. So we have until the thirty- first of December 1920, to realize this plan. In the first decade of the century we made a start at preaching the gospel, publishing the literature and the teachings given out by the Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order. In the second decade the effort must be made to start the second part of the work, namely, healing the sick, and in this effort there is nothing of course to compare with the spiritual panacea, and the Ecclesia in which that is to be prepared, should therefore be started before the expiration of the second decade of the century, or else we shall have lost the opportunity for the time being, and a new start may not be made until the second half of the century has dawned upon the world.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, October 1914, p. 2-3.

   When we were going to start the Pro-Ecclesia on Thanksgiving last year and broke the ground...we had no money wherewith to erect the building, but the need was there, and during the day a check of $200, also other funds came in, so that before we sat down to our Thanksgiving dinner, erection and completion of the Pro-Ecclesia was assured without our having mentioned it to anybody. The Stone of the Corner: And so we believe it will be with the Ecclesia, if the time is ripe, this effort that is now being put forth will bear fruit, and the erection of the building start right away, but if it is not ripe then do not be discouraged. Do not think that the Ecclesia is not going to be built. We have made up our minds that this chance shall not slip away from the Rosicrucian Fellowship and wait for another century or half century. The Ecclesia is going to be built in the specified time even though it has to be done piecemeal and in sections, and for this end we have decided in addition to the flag rising which was announced last month, we will make a corner-stone of concrete with a hollow space, so that at some later day, this corner-stone may be placed in the building and the letters bearing upon this matter, both for and against, viewing the thing from all points, may be placed inside, that the erection and every event that led up to it may be made a matter of record for future ages. Please understand this aright. The corner-stone is going to be made, but it is not to be sealed or placed--that event will be reserved for some future day when our plans are more definite and we know better how we shall do this.

   We will make a report of how the corner-stone was made, this will be signed by all who attend and deposited in the center thereof.

   In this undertaking, do not worry about the money, but put your hearts in an attitude of aspiration. By consecrated love, let us first build the Ecclesia in our hearts, and when we show that we are working out the aspiration of our souls, we will find that the way will open up, and that we will have the where-with-all with which to do.

   As that tramp came and gave us the help needed at that particular moment, as the check came in just at the time when it was needed to build that Pro- Ecclesia (the Chapel), so will also the where-with-all come with which to build the Ecclesia, and from sources we least expect. We may hasten the day by our deeds, so let us live individually a life consecrated to the uplifting of humanity. Let us live the life of helpfulness. Let us long more and more to be instruments of healing and help to our needy, suffering brothers, and then we shall certainly be given the larger and greater opportunity, which will come through the vehicle of the Ecclesia.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, November 1914, p. 3, 4.

THANKSGIVING DAY, 1914, on Mount Ecclesia

   It was a beautiful day, and at eleven o'clock we all gathered in front of the new dining hall, ready to hoist Fellowship emblem, and Mr. Heindel then said, in part:

   "Although numerically we are but few, the eyes that are upon this place this morning are many, and an epoch making event is about to take place. Six hundred years before the beginning of the Christian era a wave of spiritual endeavor was started upon the eastern shores of Asia. Confucianism then began to shed its light upon the problems of the people who lived there at that time. It become to them a stepping stone to further attainment for it was suited to their race, and thence under another guise it swept westward over Hindustan and Persia into Galilee, where it took on the present garb of the Christian religion, and as such it has been promulgated over the Western World.

   But there has always been a hidden side in all religions. Milk for the babes, meat for the strong was everywhere the rule in ancient as well as modern days, and the mystic symbols which gave this deeper teaching moved along with the wave on its path westward. Six hundred years ago the westernmost outpost of the mysteries was fixed in Germany and the Rosicrucian Order commenced to teach the few who were then ready. Today, the outpost then established has nearly accomplished its work so far as it is possible in that place. It is now sending a farther outpost to the shores of the Pacific Ocean; here upon the westernmost edge of our western continent, the Rosicrucian Fellowship has been established as the Esoteric Center to prepare the way of the Rosicrucian Order, and some day, we know not when, but probably when the sun enters Aquarius, the Brotherhood itself will follow and be located somewhere in this vicinity.


This, then is the last change in the present continents, and whatever future spiritual movements may be inaugurated will have their inception in a new cycle on other continents to be raised to the west and to the south of this present location; therefore we stand now at the end of an old cycle, and at the beginning of a new. We are now about to raise the flag of the Rosicrucian Fellowship which is the highest spiritual emblem upon the earth: the beautiful white cross, with its red roses, its golden star, and with that heavenly blue background. The primary colors in their unique relation signifying the Father (blue), Son (gold) and Holy Spirit (red) shall float over this place henceforth until this work is done and a higher vehicle found. God grant that a great host may rally to the flag to war against the lower nature, to exalt the higher life, to bring light and healing to the world that is now groaning in pain and suffering. The flag was then raised, and Mr. Heindel continued:

   Making the Corner Stone: But while we have faith that in due time the darkness, the sorrow and the suffering will cease, that the glorious Millennium, the Kingdom of Christ, spoken of in the Bible, will in time become a reality, faith without works is dead and it behooves all true temple builders to do our work in order that we may make these ideals which we hope for a reality; therefore we have gathered today for the momentous purpose of making the corner stone, the first block of concrete for the last material temple to be raised upon the continent now inhabited by men; mark, I say the last material temple, for it is necessary for our present undeveloped condition to have the concrete building before we can build about it the true temple made up of human hearts, of which we have spoken so many times. Some time, as has been stated previously, at a future date, probably when the sun has entered Aquarius, the Order of the Rose Cross will follow. They will also build a temple here, a temple of far greater potency than we can ever hope to make ours; and in it the work now done in the Temple of the Rose Cross that is located in Germany will be continued; perhaps that temple may be moved. The writer does not know definitely, but that structure is entirely etheric. We who are unable to even see the church as it appears to the spiritual vision are, of course, obliged to first build physical structures as skeleton framework of a truly spiritual edifice, which then becomes a force in the world. And if we make this concrete material building beautiful and inspiring, the inspiration which we gain from this visible building will reflect itself in our unseen spiritual church. Thus the concrete structure is the handmaid of the spiritual work. Did we understand the lines of Cosmic forces, were we able to see as the Elder Brothers are, we should not have the need of thus building a concrete structure, of waiting a long time until the materials are placed in their proper positions, but we might begin the work of building right away; we would at once be a force for great good in the world, for the speedy liberation of Christ; now, however, that we are not that, we must do the best we can--that is, to make a material structure, embodying cosmic lines and principles so that everyone who enters within its portals may be inspired, and thus we shall aid everyone to build the invisible living temple which is the true church. This morning we have gathered for the purpose of making the first stone, the stone which shall contain all the letters, and all the documents, together with the writings and the literature as at present we have them in the Rosicrucian Fellowship; this will give the future ages the reason for the building of this structure and why it endured. May God grant that this first stone may speedily be followed by other stones, and that soon we may commence the work, and be ready to establish the real Headquarters upon Mount Ecclesia."

   The members then started toward the place where sand and cement had been piled up, and each one, ladies and gentlemen, took part in mixing the cement, in wheeling it to the waiting form which had been decorated with palm leaves, and in making the stone which will form the corner of the Ecclesia, when that is started.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, December 1914, p. 1, 2, 3.

   Let us not forget that we are the channels through which the Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order seek to accomplish their work in the world; and that the success of the movement with which we have affiliated ourselves rests in a great measure upon us.

   Remember also that the high teaching entrusted to us are not for ourselves alone; but that through us they are to be given to all the world. This is our mission, let us be diligent in its accomplishment.

   Friends, let us all resolve to make this Ideal of Service the great object of our lives, not counting any task too humble, or any sacrifice too great so that it helps on the great work.

   Let us be particularly earnest with regards to the Ecclesia. This should be the crowning glory of the Fellowship, and it rests with us to make it so.

   Therefore, let us unite as one in this mighty effort to make of the Ecclesia the greatest spiritual center the world has ever known; let us give freely of our means and talents and thus hasten the day of the erection. However, with all our giving let us not forget the greatest of all gifts, and let us give ourselves also; for remember that the true Ecclesia is not a mere unmeaning pile of brick and timber. It is a living thing; a building formed of the beating of human hearts, the deep, yearning aspirations of human souls.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, March 1915, p. 18.

   Mr. Lester Cramer of New York and Mrs. Cramer have also visited the headquarters for the purpose of helping in the development of Mount Ecclesia. Mr. Cramer had offered to draw the plan for the Ecclesia for several years, but it was impossible for the writer to give him definite ideas by correspondence. To draw the right plan for the Ecclesia would require a certain inspiration that could not be infused in a letter. But when we discussed the matter here and Mr. Cramer got an idea of what was wanted with regard to seating capacity and the arrangement of the Auditorium with respect to position, light and color, his presence on Mount Ecclesia quickly brought him in touch with the true idea of the Ecclesia and the very first sketch he made was an embodiment of everything that the writer wished to express, but could not.

   We are sorry to say that Mr. Cramer could only stay four days as business required his presence in the East, but he is going to finish the sketches and send them back to us so that we may have a photo-engraving made of them and also Mr. Swigart's plan for the Headquarters grounds. When that is finished the two will be published in Rays from the Rose Cross so that you will all be able to see just what has been done on Mount Ecclesia, how it looks and what we propose to do in the future.

   Isn't strange, the way all things seem to be ordered about our movement, just as the Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order said when they gave the message to the writer in the Temple of the Rose Cross:


   We have only about $1700 towards the Ecclesia, and Mr. Cramer think it will cost $50,000, but don't you feel sure it will be built before the time limit expires even if we are prohibited from asking for subscriptions and must wait for heart-offerings? We do! We have made the Cornerstone, the survey is completed, the site located and the plan ready. Soon we will extend Ecclesia drive to this location, set the Cornerstone, and commence on the foundation. The Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order have worked so marvelously to bring Headquarters to the present point, that we know they will find the ways and means of accomplishing the work, all we have to do is keep on striving to be more useful channels for their beneficent activities in the service of humanity.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, October 1915, p. 42, 43, 44.


   In December 1909, we made a main artery on Mount Ecclesia, a beautiful wide winding drive, which we completed for about nine hundred feet, and planted with large palms on both sides, which we had bought from a nursery in Oceanside. But for a year the sea breeze which blows in the middle of the day on Mount Ecclesia proved too strong for the poor palms, and they had a hard time to accommodate themselves, now however they have grown strong and sturdy, and everything is looking well. We are afraid however, to try another experiment of the same sort and therefore we have started a nursery and planted several hundred palms of different kinds, these will grow up native to the soil, accustomed to the winds from babyhood on, and next year when we extend Ecclesia Drive, as we call our main road, around to Ecclesia Point where the Ecclesia is to be built, we will also plant these little baby palms so that when the Ecclesia is completed there will be a nice vegetation to set off the beautiful building.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, November 1915, p. 38.


   Friends have been urging us to announce the building of the Ecclesia and to start a movement for the collection of funds for its erection; but we have been loath to do this, preferring to let the necessary means come as a spontaneous offering when it became known that the time for the building of the Ecclesia had arrived.


   The work at Headquarters has been carried on for ten years by voluntary contributions, and all who come here are surprised at what has been accomplished. It has taken very careful financing and great economy to do what has been done. The leaders have always felt it unpardonable to use money carelessly which had been contributed for spiritual work. It is true that there have been times when they had to deny themselves many things that the students in the world were enjoying. The workers could also have been made more comfortable if money had been more plentiful. At present we are sadly in need of cottages and as a result must often turn visitors away, for our rooms are full. But all surplus money must now be used to start the Ecclesia.


   The construction of the Ecclesia will be of reinforced concrete. The building will be twelve-sided, corresponding to the twelve Signs of the zodiac. The auditorium will seat 100 persons with space for 50 more in the adjoining rooms. The building will contain rooms for offices and reception rooms for patients. The architect is a member of the New York Study Center.


   When we begin building we shall need the voluntary help of able-bodied men who understand the different parts of the work; also several strong, capable women who will help us in the kitchen, dining room, and elsewhere, so that those who donate their services may be made comfortable.


   It is hoped that through the aid of faithful followers of the Fellowship, the vibrations of the Ecclesia may be raised sufficiently to permit of the Spiritual Panacea being prepared there.


   Since May 1910 all members of the Fellowship have looked forward to the time when the Ecclesia would be built. The corner stone was laid in 1915 with appropriate ceremonies, all members then at Headquarters, both students and probationers, taking part. It is necessary that the building be completed sufficiently to hold the opening services Christmas night 1920.

   It is now proposed to break ground for the foundation on July 15th. But in order to do this, it is considered necessary that we have $10,000 on hand at that time for prosecuting the work. The total cost of the building has been approximated at $30,000. We have $3,000 in the bank at the present time, which has been contributed in the past for this work. Unless the Ecclesia be built by the many it will not be a true Ecclesia. The funds on hand have been received from students in amounts varying from small sums up to $100 Though we realize that it will be necessary for well-to-do friends to give large sums, we pray that by means of the many small donations we may build the major part of this contemplated structure, in which we hope that the highest aspirations of the pioneer race may be expressed. Subscriptions may be made payable in installments as the entire amount will not be required at the start.


   Nothing short of an Ecclesia built by the Fellowship as a body will answer its lofty purpose. The little Pro-Ecclesia was built of many hearts to fill a common need; so must the Ecclesia be in a still higher degree an expression from the whole Fellowship. The Pro-Ecclesia was built by FAITH, and we shall likewise build the Ecclesia, in FAITH hoping to see it finished within the time set for completion. Let no one give except he or she feels it an enjoyment and a great privilege. A small donation which involves sacrifice of some personal comfort may pay for only one brick in the physical structure, BUT THE LOVE WHEREWITH IT IS IMPREGNATED WILL ADD MORE LUSTER TO THE SPIRITUAL TEMPLE THAN TONS OF MATERIAL BOUGHT WITH THE COIN OF LOVELESS CONTRIBUTORS. So, whatever you give, Be SURE TO GIVE YOUR HEART WITH IT.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, May 1920, p. 2-3.

   The primary object of the Ecclesia is healing. The services held there will have a special potency for healing. The Panacea can only be prepared there. This will be a spiritualized substance, capable of raising the patient's vibrations to such a pitch that disease will vanish before it.

   In order for the Panacea to be given, there are three primary conditions:

   1st--An Ecclesia must be built and dedicated solely to the work of healing.

   2nd--A sufficient number of probationers must pass the tests which demonstrate their complete consecration to the cause of helping and healing humanity, so that it will be safe to entrust them with the secret of the Panacea. Otherwise the possibilities of abuse of the power connected with it might lead to serious results. 3rd--After the physical Ecclesia is constructed, a considerable period of time must elapse before its spiritual counterpart is built by special services, and its vibrations raised to the pitch required for the preparation of the Panacea.


   The Ecclesia must be built in 1920 or the opportunity will be lost for the balance of the century.

   We must fulfill the first condition by building the physical Ecclesia within the appointed time. As to the second and third conditions, we can only trust that the probationers will respond to their opportunity as required. Thus it must be clearly stated that while we hope for the Panacea, we cannot promise it.


   We now have the great privilege of contributing with heart and hand to enable the Fellowship to realize one of the most important features of its mission. Look forward to it, dream of it, idealize it,--this Rosicrucian Temple where healing may, if the conditions are met, be given an impetus never before attained.

   Gloriously, richly did Mr. Heindel pour out on us the golden alchemicalized fruits of eons of study and unselfish service, in order that we might benefit mentally and spiritually. Now the time has come to show our appreciation of his lavish and tender care. May we be found worthy to erect this Temple this year at Headquarters, and may we each realize the privilege of having paid for some portion of the building.

   By a Member and Contributor.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, June 1920, p. 42.

   Many, many years ago, one of our brothers achieved considerable notoriety by the part he played in conquering a giant, and yet with all his valor and faithfulness he was not allowed to build the temple at Jerusalem, because he, like many others before and since, failed in some of his tests.

   We are facing a time like that in the life of King. David He was not allowed to build the Temple of the Lord because he had been a man of war, but to his son this privilege was given, with the assistance of Hiram Abiff.

   Now again in the world's history we come to the building of another wonderful Temple. The same great egos are once more united in the work. Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, is working with us from the Desire World, where our pure thoughts and desires are helping to form this wonderful structure. We now recognize him by the name of Jesus of Nazareth. He is no longer the ruler of an earthly kingdom but has been advanced to the charge o all the Churches. Is it not wonderful to think that each of us may be a co- worker with one who is even more advanced than Solomon the Wise ?

   Our temple building in the Desire World has gone on for a long time, and now Hiram Abiff sends a summons to all the workmen by his messengers. The message is sent through the length and breadth of the whole earth, "Make ready to build the Temple of the Lord." We hear the call, and if we heed it not, our opportunity for such work is lost for ages, the world suffers and we are guilty. Or perhaps we hear the call and feel that we are not worthy even to do the meanest and lowest part of the work. We hesitate and the opportunity passes

   Will we respond to the call of Hiram Abiff, he who is the leader of all who are known as the "Sons of Cain"? Do we not recognize him now as Christian Rosenkreuz? If over 3000 years ago he was able to muster his forces and work with Solomon to build the beautiful Temple, which was but a symbol, can he not now, working with Jesus the Master, bring into being physical building that shall be for the healing of the nations, a building, the spiritual body of which will far exceed that of any other House of God?

   If we could but realize the privilege of receiving this call! What have we done that we deserve such an honor, an honor that kings and prophets might crave!

   Let us do as it is told of us long ago, "And every man brought as the Lord had prospered him." Let us respond to the call to build this Temple at Mount Ecclesia this year, with willing hearts and hands in order that the great opportunity may not be lost We did nobly at the time of the building of the Tabernacle. We worked FAITHFULLY under our leader, Hiram Abiff, when building Solomon's Temple Now let us live up to our great privilege and come to the work when called by Christian Rosenkreuz.

   Ground Breaking, June 29,1920, 12 Noon.

   Lizzie Graham

  Rays from the Rose Cross, July 1920, p. 82.

   The Ecclesia will be built. It is to be a center of healing power, even as was the Temple of Healing associated with the Sphinx. Mount Ecclesia is a natural Force-Center. As such it forms a natural basis in matter for the development into activity of the higher series of powers which inhere, active or passive, in the nature of The Force-Center.

   It is mathematically related to all of earth's force-centers and so has its natural connection with them. Through these flow the material and dynamic currents which course the earth in their circuits. Through these same circuits flow currents of thought, of spiritual power, even the essences of currents belonging to the Planes back of and beyond those within the comprehension of man Mount Ecclesia was chosen in accordance with the law in harmony with which the universe operates, and thus takes advantage of the natural forces by virtue of its position. But though the infinity of the entire force-center series inheres in Mount Ecclesia, THESE CAN ONLY BE AWAKENED INTO ACTION BY THE MIND AND SPIRIT OF THOSE RESIDING THERE AND OF THOSE IN ACCORD WITH THEM, BE THEY FAR OR NEAR.

   Mind switches in currents in response to the inspiration of Spirit. This awakening into action, or switching in of currents, is progressive. Always is there the material foundation for each series ere its currents can be switched in so that it may manifest

   The printing press was the material foundation of one series. Always do series overlap, and the Pro-Ecclesia was the fore-runner of the Ecclesia, which in turn will be the material foundation for another series. The School for Lecturers, likewise, will be the fore-runner of the College from which those whose tongues are gifted with spiritual fire will go forth, with their messages of love, healing, and inspiration, even to the very ends of the earth. That College will be the material foundation of yet another series, and so will it develop into the Rosicrucian University, with its complete sphere of material, mental and spiritual activities

   Mount Ecclesia is in accord with the Universal Rhythm. As long as it remains in accordance therewith, so long will it wax and grow in grace, power, and spirituality. But should it ever admit discordant vibrations, its glory will depart; like a tree, it will die from the top down, the inversion of its growth.

   Asa Thurston Heydon


   The funds for the building are entirely love offerings from the students. Many have already responded but the amount contributed up to the date of turning the ground was not sufficient to warrant us undertaking the erecting of the Temple as first planned; therefore we have modified the plans somewhat. We have the FAITH that as the building progresses the necessary funds for its completion will also be forthcoming.

   The architect is here from New York and is superintending the construction which has already begun. We are much in need of voluntary workers, able-bodied men for carpentry and concrete work, as few have come forward so far. Those able to offer their services should communicate with us at once

  Rays from the Rose Cross, August 1920, p. 122.


   California climate, fair and cool, did not fail us on the great day, June 29. People began to arrive early in autos; some came from San Diego, Los Angeles, and even from as far as Sacramento. Some of the guests had come Sunday or Monday, and these were provided for in tents as there are not enough cottages on Mount Ecclesia to accommodate all who would like to come here. Great preparation was necessary in the kitchen to feed the thirty or more expected friends. The shortage in chairs was overcome by carrying the dining room chairs to the Pro-Ecclesia and back again as needed. Food, shelter, and seating capacity having been provided for the friends, all made ready for the ceremony on Ecclesia point.

   At 11:45 a.m. we met at the Point, and after singing the Rosicrucian Opening Hymn, we were addressed by Mrs. Heindel with a few opening remarks, impressing us with the sacredness of the step about to be taken in the work. Then following Mrs. Heindel, the Disciples, Probationers, and Students each turned a spade full of earth and prayed silently for spiritual strength and guidance in the work.

   After the ground breaking, Mrs. Heindel spoke to us of the building of the true temple of healing where the physical symbol, the Ecclesia, was about to be established. She impressed upon us the truth that no pile of stone has the power to do the work, no building of a great church can suffice, but only never-failing loving service and the inner dedication of Students, Probationers, and friends to the vitalizing of that pile of stone by their unceasing prayers for those who suffer--by their awakening of the true CHRIST PRINCIPLE within themselves, the power of love, and thereby surrounding and impregnating that structure with a radiant, etheric building not made by hands but established in the power of Christ.

   This is not to be the accomplishment of a month, a year, or ten years, perhaps. The time it takes to build in that vibration of love depends upon the sincerity, purity, and strength of those dedicated to the great work. The Fellowship is but ten years old, and its accomplishments at present may be but as those of a ten year old child, compared to what we hope for when it becomes matured.

   Let us meditate upon this sublime privilege which is ours: to focus our loving thoughts upon the Ecclesia and to invoke the downpouring of Christ love upon what is done there in His name for the healing of the nations. Divine love never fails, but it needs pure, strong channels through which to flow in power. Our failure to measure up to that need is what has caused healing, true spiritual healing, to become so rare.

   Just as breaking the hard crystallized earth is the first step towards the erection of a new building, so must our first work towards regeneration be a going within and a breaking up of crystallized conditions, habits, that are not of Christ, our ideal.

   Sixty-five in turn used the shovel at this breaking of the ground for the new work. When the first ground-breaking took place in 1911, there were but nine, 80 there is a growth. Many an extra shovelful was turned for those not able to be present in the flesh.

   Following the simple service of song and prayer, we all adjourned to the Pro-Ecclesia where the services were concluded with the unveiling of the emblem and a talk by Mrs. Heindel elucidating the method of preparation of the panacea and the administering of it to those who suffer, as described by Mr. Heindel in the lessons, "Our Work in the World."

   The main point brought out in these lessons is the absolute necessity of purity and selflessness in those who give out the panacea. Let all who are dedicated to this work, all over the world begin the purification of the daily life, that when the time is ripe they may be "called out" for this sacred ministry.

   The happy day was concluded with a musical entertainment in the library.

   It may be interesting, to those who seek "the Signs of the times," to learn that woman and man had equal share in staking out the site of the building, as in all other work of the Fellowship.

   Let your thoughts and prayers during the coming year often center on the Ecclesia, Consecration, the Panacea.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia in Rays from the Rose Cross, August 1920, p. 158-159.


   In ancient days, when a temple of worship was to be built, the ground or area apportioned to the building was garlanded with flowers upon a day set by the astrologers. "There is A TIME for everything under the sun," and the astrologers sought to determine the propitious conditions under which to launch the sacred work.

   Upon the day and at the hour set, soldiers of renown only, bearing branches of trees, entered the enclosure. The branches were emblematic of a fortunate and fruitful conclusion to the work. The soldiers were followed by the vestal virgins who, praying, sprinkled the place with water brought in urns by boys and girls.

   Then came the priests and dignitaries of state, followed by citizens hauling the garlanded cornerstone. After the Praetor had laid hands upon the ropes about the stone, the masons set it in place, and the Pontiff, consecrating it to its use, exhorted the people to serve and fear the gods and obey the law.

   The stone was always set in the north-eastern corner of the temple, analogous to the place of the sun's greatest power at the Summer Solstice, when all living things are most vitalized by his rays.

   Now we come to another "laying of the cornerstone," but one that is unique in that it ushers in a new era in the Christian religion. For nineteen hundred and twenty years the church has struggled to "preach the gospel" in obedience to our Savior's command. Now the Rosicrucian Fellowship lifts high the banner with the second command, "Heal the sick" as a spur to our Christian mission, and "lays the cornerstone" of a Temple of Healing consecrated in Christ to serve our suffering fellowman.

   Soldiers there were, at this laying of the cornerstone, soldiers of Christ, with the CROSS engraven upon their hearts; soldiers who dug trenches, praying--for no profane language must desecrate this work. Vestal virgins, youths, maidens, and little children brought offerings, but their offerings were all unseen to mortal eye. But those "who have eyes to see" the things of the Spirit, could discern the offerings of those who serve God "in Spirit and in Truth." The hallowed place of the Temple was radiant with the outpouring of blessings from the "hosts of the unseen" who realize the spiritual importance of the step taken. The devoted little band of followers of the CHRISTIAN ROSE CROSS responded with silent inner dedication of the SELF to the service of Christ as Divine Healer: silent prayers for strength to purify the SELF from all unworthiness, in order that the healing power of the Lord might flow through us as clean channels for His work.

   He, our beloved Savior, knew but the awful agony of "The Crown of Thorns." We as Mystic Christians are endeavoring to make a "ROSE" of spiritual power grow where each thorn drew a drop of His blood. He knew but the agony of the nailing to "The Cross." We as Mystic Christians are trying to "pull the nails" that nail us fast to the cross; the nails of selfish desire, lust for temporal power, spiritual blindness.

   This work of Christian spiritual healing is one of the methods of serving suffering humanity, by offering to the true physician a means of uniting the power of science with that of religion. The Rosicrucian Fellowship calls out to the TRUE physician, the physician who is not ashamed to pray for his patients while he works for them. Christ Jesus said, "I am THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE." Yet how many physicians and sorely suffering patients have neglected to invite Him to help. There is a way to invoke that divine outpouring, just as there is a way for doing each thing we do. That WAY demands preparation, purification, dedication, consecration, and that is part of the work of the Rosicrucian.

   The Rosicrucians do not seek temporal power. They seek to serve God by helping their suffering fellowmen. A place of training for the work is beautifully attained in Mount Ecclesia, and now THE ECCLESIA, the TEMPLE OF HEALING, is being built by the loving free-will offerings of friends who give not money alone but personal service and prayers. This method of building is a little new and somewhat slow in these days, as it is not permitted to call out to the world for funds or labor. Each offering must come as a result of the inner promptings of the HEART. Christ's stronghold.

   When King Solomon wished to build a temple unto the Lord in this world, he had to call out to the craftsmen for help. He had been shown the pattern in vision, but the craftsmen must "work it out" in this world. So the Masons have a spiritual secret hidden in their ritual, of which the average Mason little dreams.

   We as members of the Fellowship are Mystic Masons, building a temple "without sound of hammer." Mr. Cramer, the architect of the Ecclesia, spoke to us of the uses of the Tools of Masonry.

   He said: "The cornerstone, we are taught in Free Masonry, should be laid in the north-east corner of the building because it is there that the Entered Apprentice stands when he enters the lodge and starts to build his future Masonic edifice with the tools of the craft. The gavel he uses to break off corners of rough stones, the better to fit them for the builder's use. Symbolically we use the gavel of self correction to divest our hearts and consciences of all vices and superfluities of life thereby fitting our minds as living stones for that spiritual building not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. The plumb, for erecting perpendiculars, teaches rectitude of conduct. The square, used to square the work to an angle of ninety degrees, suggests the squaring of our lives to virtue and morality. The level, used for laying horizontal, shows the equality of all mankind before God. The trowel with which the Mason spreads the cement uniting the building into one common mass, reminds us of our duty to spread the cement of brotherly love that unites us into one sacred band of friends, among whom no contention should ever exist save that noble contention, or rather emulation, of who best can work and best agree."

   Arlene D. Cramer.


   Friends, we are here today to carry out that which was started on the 25th of November, 1914, by Max Heindel, our dear leader. At that time we met to prepare this stone which we have today placed as the cornerstone. It is a symbol of a physical structure which in turn shall appear to us as a symbol of that which we as workers in God's temple are endeavoring to build. We have learned the symbolic use of the mason's tools; we define the mason as one who lays the cement and places the brick, working with the tools of his craft; thus a building is erected. We are also true Masons (Phree Messen) using different material. We are building with the material that the Elder Brothers have given us, which we have just placed in this archive, the glorious message which was given to us by the Elder Brothers through the great soul whose birthday we celebrate today, the soul who was born on the 23rd of July 1865, and who was destined to bring to the world a broader view of Christ's teachings than has ever yet been given to humanity, a religion that will be the cornerstone of the new race in the Aquarian Age. We were also told by this messenger that this would be the last physical temple to be erected by the Elder Brothers. Humanity will reach that stage of development, and is now working with the aim and object in view of preparing itself, so that it can worship in the real Temple, that Temple of God not made with hands, eternal in the heavens, which is not built of stones, brick, and mortar, but of loving hearts and the sacrifice of our own lower natures, thus dedicating ourselves as living stones therein.

   It is a privilege to be one of the workers, one of the living stones, chosen to obey the last commands of the Christ -- "Preach the gospel and heal the sick." The last command has been forgotten by humanity for so many, many years. We have preached the gospel but have only carried out the first half of the command that He gave to His disciples. We have forgotten in the churches to heal the sick. There has been a division between science and religion. This drifting apart has caused the materialistic conditions of today. To cement


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