Spiritual Astrology

Astrology is the key to character and character is destiny. Therefore, it is evident that a knowledge of astrological influence is of the utmost importance. By it, one may remodel his character and thereby gradually change his environment and his destiny.

The influence of the stars upon human life is real, not imaginary. It is not a superstition of the Middle Ages rejuvenated by a few overzealous persons. This statement need not be taken upon faith alone; it can easily be checked by the preliminary student.

To The Rosicrucian Fellowship astrology is a phase of religion, and not to be confused with fortune telling. We consider the calculation and reading of horoscopes for money a prostitution of this Divine Science. We advise that people learn the fundamentals of the science so they can read their own horoscopes. This can be done to better advantage by a person himself than by a professional who does not know the inner nature of the person in question, or how he is likely to react to planetary influences.

Saturn - the Teacher

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