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Quick Introduction to Our Website

Click on The Rosicrucian Teaching for an introduction into the Teachings of the Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order.

Click on Spiritual Healing to learn about our healing work and methods or to request a healing application.

Click on Correspondence Courses to see the correspondence courses we have available in philosophy, spiritual astrology, and the Bible. Click here to begin. You will see an information package that will give you the URLs of the first lessons in each of our courses. Take those courses that interest you. Read the lessons and follow the directions. For the Preliminary Philosophy Course, send us your individual lesson answers and if correct, you will be given the URL for the next lesson. Sample lessons are on our web site so you can see the first lessons in each of our courses (please do not send us the answers to these sample lessons). You must take our 12 lesson Preliminary Philosophy Course in order to become a Regular Student (member). There are no set dues or fixed tuition fees. The student is given an opportunity to help as the heart dictates and the means permit.

Click on Pamphlets and review the list of pamphlets that describe us and our philosophy. You might especially be interested in pamphlets #10, #19, #21, #39 and #45. If you need immediate spiritual help, then please read pamphlet #26 - The Law and Our Needs.

Click on Book Library to find the web editions of most of our books. You may read any of our books online or download those books you are interested in for later reading, reference, or printing. You will also find a convenient index of many of the terms and subjects in our books. And of course, you may always use our Search Tool to find a word or phrase for further study.

Click on International Website for our material in foreign languages.

Click on Order books - PayPal or Order Department for descriptions of the material in our books and links to the books themselves and to the order pages.

Click on Free Software Downloads or Software for information about the Windows computer software we have available (most of it is FREE).

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