The Message of the Stars


Max Heindel
Augusta Foss Heindel



Index to Natal Astrology

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Index to Medical Astrology

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-A -

Abel, tragedy connected with, 15
Abiff, Hiram, builder of Solomon's Temple, 23
  --highest initiate of old system, 24
Adam, man, humanity, number of, is nine, 52
Adept, a complete creative unit, 345
  --can form new bodies without going through the womb, 346
Adjusted Calculation Date, how to find, article, 470-480
Ailments, acute, afflictions from cardinal signs, 440
  --convertible, or chronic, from common signs, 441
  --organic or hereditary, from fixed signs, 441
Altruism, must supersede egoism; relation of Saturn and Jupiter to, 39
Amulets, effective and ineffective use of, article 60-67
Angels, fallen, are Lucifer Spirits, 569
  --were human in Moon Period, 62
Angels, of the horoscope, are first, fourth, seventh, tenth houses, 73-74
Animals, archangels, their group-spirits, 62
Antares, in Sagittarius 8, a danger to eyes, 546
Aquarian Age, at end of, new race born, 11
  --length of, approximately 2000 years, 12
  --probably final preparatory day before Sixth Epoch, 13
  --seven hundred years before definitely ushered in, 27
Aquarius, effect when Sun in, 136, 137, 155
  --influence of, when rising, 108, 109, 437
  --rules the ankles, 441
  --ruled by Saturn, 64, and by Uranus, 358, 365
Aquarius-Leo, age of, indicates new phase of religion, 27
Archangels, human in Sun Period, 62
Aries, children of, effect when Sun in, 119-120, 150
  --influence when rising, 92, 93, 434
  --rules head and face, 441
  --when Sun entered sign of, by precession, 17, 24
Aries-Libra, age of, indicates a day of judgment, 25
Aryan Epoch, divided into three ages: 12, 25-29
  --Aryan Age, Moses to Christ, Aries-Libra, 12, 25
  --Piscean Age, Roman Catholicism, Pisces-Virgo, 12, 25
  --Aquarian Age, to come, Aquarius-Leo, 12, 27
Aryan Epoch, development in, 16
  --rainbow seen first time at opening of, 19
Aryo-Semitic Race, when called out, 11
Ascelli, Leo 6, one of three danger spots to eyes, 564, 545
Ascendant, at birth, or its opposite, is Moon's place at conception, 88
  --important factor in horoscope, 88
  --ruler determines mineralogical affinity, 63
  --see also Rising Sign.
Aspects, Lunar, little, if any, influence of their own, 500
  --adverse, or good, never to be judged singly, 168, 415
Astrologers, advice to younger ones, 70, 71
  --see aura if endowed with spiritual sight, 41
  --unable to determine strength of will of native, 71
Astrology, belief in requires belief in previous and future lives, 57
  --founded on cosmic fact, 468
  --horary, author's experience in, and philosophy of, 67
  --of enormous benefit in attainment of spiritual growth, 54
  --three factors in, bring mystic message of stars, 71
Atlantean Epoch, early third, 14; duration of, 12; latter third, 11
Atlantis, development of egoism during latter third, 16; home of the Bull, 19; last of, destroyed by water, 16; when submerged, 18
Aura, colored by planetary rays, 42

- B -

Barrenness and fertility, under control of Jehovah, 303
Bible, astrological key needed to open otherwise "closed book," 19
  --discussion of events and principles of, Chapter I, 3-30
  --light given on obscure passages of, 3
  --translation of word "serpent" in, 21
Birth, best time for, article, 67-70
  --occurs with first breath inhaled, 89
  --rising sign at, or its opposite, is Moon's place at conception, 89
Birth stones, amulets, etc., value of, 60-67
Black magician, dependent upon Neptunian ray, 50
Bode's Law, proves Neptune does not belong to our solar system, 53
Body, parts of ruled by planets, 441
Brain, angels helped to form, 342
Bull, properly worshiped by Atlanteans, 17

- C -

Cadent houses, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, indicate work, voluntary and forced, 74
Cain, tragedy connected with, 15
Cancer, effect when Sun in, 125-126, 152
  --influence when rising, 96, 97, 435
  --rules breast and stomach, 441
  --sphere of the soul, ruled by Moon, 6
  --watery in nature, 14
Cancer-Capricorn, age of, early third of Atlantean Epoch, 14
Capricorn, effect when Sun in, 135-136, 155
  --fish part of, symbolizes state of life under water, 14
  --influence when rising, 106-108, 436
  --part fish and part goat, 7
  --ruled by Saturn, 6
  --rules the knees, 441
  --solstitial point, will see inauguration of new cycle, 16
Cardinal signs, nature and keyword, 80
Cattle, possession of, desired by ancient nations, 17
Celestial Centaur (Sagittarius), shows savage ideal, 15
Chaos, Saturn is door to, 6
Children, indications for, in horoscope, 460-461
  --desired and loved into life, 450
  --of Israel, left flesh pots of Egypt, 27
Christ, abrogated sacrifice of others, 28
  --announces himself as the Great Shepherd, 19
  --called disciples fishers of men, 26
  --came and inaugurated new teaching, 25
  --heavenly mother of, 9
  --must be born within, 10
  --newborn, within, actual experience, 10
  --raised widow's son, 24
Christian Rosenkreuz, reincarnation of Hiram Abiff, 24
Circulation, venous and arterial, restricted, prevents deep breathing and oxygenation, 477
Clairvoyance, undesirable, is result of adverse aspects of Uranus, 48
Color, of eyes and hair, determined by rising sign and planets, see Chapter V.
Colors, absorbed by planets, according to congruity, 53
  --of planets, birth-stones, amulets, 64
  --planetary, produced by Creative Hierarchies, 61
  --primary, refractions of white light, represent Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, 52
Common signs, nature and keyword, 83
Conception, not necessarily coincident union, 89
  --place of Moon at, is rising sign at birth (or its opposite), 89
Cosmic Christ, focused love-ray of Life Spirit upon Uranus, 345
  --consciousness, developed under Neptune ray, 46
Creative fire, drawn upward through serpentine canal, 21, 22
  --force, bi-polar, possessed by Adepts, 345, 346
Critical degrees, based on passage of Moon through the twelve signs, 411
  --of cardinal, common, and fixed signs, 411
Cusps, effect of being born on, 90

- D -

Delineation, Doctrine of, 405-418
Desire body, ruled by Moon, 345
Destiny, Clock of, progression of horoscope, 463
  --we are arbiters of our, 466
Dietitian, indicated by Mercury in Pisces, 207; Moon in Virgo, 227
Directions. See article on Progressed Lunar and Solar Directions.
  --effect of evil, 415; of good, 416
Dragon's Head and Tail, nodes of Moon, article on, 594-599
Ductless Glands, article on, 568. (Part II, Medical Astrology)

- E -

Earth, orbital revolution of, related to progression, 469
Egoism, comes through Mercurial reasoning power, 40
Egypt, ancient, its use of serpent symbolism, 21
  --flesh pots of, origin, 17
  --priests of, were Phree Messen, or children of light, 24
Elder Brothers, from Mercury, have given civilization different form, 344; human, like us, 344
Elevation of planets, nearness to midheaven, 409
Epigenesis, developed under Neptune ray, 48
  --expresses itself as genius, 48
  --third factor in advancement, 47
Equator, Celestial, circle in heavens described by pole turning, 468
Essential dignity, determined by sign a planet is in, 409-410
Evolution, result of equinoctial precession, 7
Evolutionary path, journey mapped out, 20
  --new start upon, given by balance, 9
Exaltation of planets, determined by sign they are in, 409-410

- F -

Fate or Free Will, article, 462
Father Fire, expresses as will, 344
  --focuses in voluntary nervous system, 344
Fear, dominant keynote of past, 31, 36
Fertilization of animals, controlled by Jehovah, 303
Fetus, antenatal development of, 342
Financial and social fortunes, article on, 442-444
Fixed signs, nature, and key-word, 81
Free will, possessed by man, not by animals, 58-60
  --students of astrology, and, 413
  --time and progressed chart in relation to, 462

- G -

Gemini, effect when Sun in, 123-125, 151
  --influence when rising, 95, 96, 434
  --represents infant humanity, 15
  --rules lungs, arms, shoulders, 441
  --Sun's passage through, 15
Gemini-Sagittarius, age of indicates middle third of Atlantean Epoch, 15
Generation, formerly controlled by Jehovah and His angels, 303
Glands, See Medical Astrology.
Great Sidereal Year, Sun's passage through the twelve zodiacal signs, by precession, 17
Greater Mysteries, those who have graduated from, 5
Greece, had mystery temples, 35
Group Spirit, vibration of, 61-62
  --man, in process of becoming, 62
Group Spirits, of minerals, none, 62; of plants, angels, 62; of animals, archangels, 62

- H -

Healers, magnetic, aspects of Mercury and Neptune, 216
Health, conjunction and parallel act upon, 488
Health and Disease, article on, 438-442
  --see also Medical Astrology.
Hermaphrodites, spiritual, ultimate goal of humanity, 346
Hierarchies, divine, now guiding our evolution, 4, 5
  --we are restrained by, 30, 31
  --work with various classes of beings, 61
Horary astrology, author's experience with, 67
Horoscope, essentials of, natal, progressed, etc., 481-485
  --foundation for a new, 57
  --how to test, 117-118
  --important points in judging, 485-487
  --indicates self-generated destiny, 90
  --individual when day, year, and place used, 63
  --progressed, study of, before transits, 522
  --progression of, 462-466
  --shows difference in texture of soul, 465
  --shows only tendencies, 58, 415, 440
  --shows what we have earned, 50
  --when judging, consider race, etc., 30
Houses, of horoscope, article, 72-79
  --departments of life governed by the twelve, 77-79
Human Spirit, counterpart is desire body, 345
  --ruled by Sun, 345
Hypnotist, dependent upon power of Neptunian ray, 50

- I -

Idealization, Neptunian power, 47
Immaculate conception, becomes actual experience to each of us, 28
Initiation, foremost of our race attaining to, 5
  --made possible by Neptune, 50
Insanity. see The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, by Max Heindel, for relation to past incarnations; see also Part II, Medical Astrology, in this volume.
Intuition, depends upon ability to feel intensely, 47
  --will free men from Mercurial bondage, 36
  --Uranian quality of, reaches truth at once, 36, 46

- J -

Jacob, pronounces blessings on twelve sons, 8
Jesus, and religion of the Lamb, 26
  --born when vernal equinox about 7 of Aries, 25
  --taught multitudes in parables, 20
Joshua, son of Nun, leads chosen people into "promised land," 26
Jupiter, as ruling plant, 27, 110, 424, 430, 447
  --blue ray of, and gold of Uranus, 42
  --effect in twelve houses, 278-285
  --effect in twelve signs, 285-292
  --gives spiritual love, 41
  --in aspect with other planets, 292-302
  --nature of, 274-278
  --pioneers of earth entering moon of, 5
  --planet of benevolence and philanthropy, 27
  --ray of, marks high stage of altruism, 39, 40, 41
Jupiter Period, man will give present minerals life, 62
  --preparing human evolution for the, 5

- K -

Key-words, of planets, give essential natures, 114
  --table of planetary, 407-408

- L -

Lamb, religion of, to hold sway for Great Sidereal Year, 17, 25
Law of Cause and Effect, established beyond doubt, 57
Lemurian Epoch, only Moon, Mars, and Saturn affected humanity during, 32
  --stragglers of, expelled from earth to Moon, 5
Leo, effect when Sun in, 126-127, 152
  --influence when rising, 97, 98, 435
  --Lion of Judah, 12; represented by lion, 11
  --rules heart and dorsal region of back, 441
Lesser Mysteries, Mercurial School of, prepares for Greater Mysteries, 5
Libra, effect when Sun in, 129-130, 153
  --entrance of Sun into brings balance, 9
  --influence when rising, 101-103, 435
  --rules kidneys and loins, 441
  --Sun entered by precession last time, 13,000 B.C., 16
Light, color, and consciousness, emanations from God, 52
Limitation, twelfth house indicates, 142
Love, kinds of, defined, 347
Lucifer Spirits, desire inculcated by, 14
  --exiled on planet Mars, 304, 343, 569
  --should not be thought of as evil, 304
Luck, closely linked to merit, 438
Lunation, conjunction of the luminaries, 521
  --essential to bring results, 486, 499

- M -

Magic, Neptune makes possible, 50
Magnetism, personal, used in healing sick, 297
  --see also Medical Astrology.
Malefics, give eye trouble if afflicted Sun or Moon in nebular spot, 442
  --indicate weak points in anatomy, 441
Man, now working with new (mineral) life-wave, 62
Marital relationship, improved by astrological bureaus, 450
Marriage, and offspring, 448-461
  --Christian institution, will exist until coming kingdom, 44
  --description of husband or wife, 458-460
  --happiness and sorrow in, 457, 458; harmony and discord in, 451, 452
  --indications of, in man's horoscope, 452-454
  --indications of, in women's horoscope, 455-457
  --second, aspects denoting, 458
Mars, as ruling planet, 425, 431, 447
  --effect in the twelve houses, 308-316
  --effect in the twelve signs, 316-327
  --home of Lucifer Spirits, 31
  --in aspect to other planets, 327-340
  --Planet of Action, article, 303-307
  --rules left cerebral hemisphere, 345
Material houses, 2nd, 6th, and 10th, 75
Matrimonial bureaus, based on astrology forecast for Aquarian Age, 449
Matrix, etheric, formed by rising sign, first house, and moon, 88
Mediums, used in trance communications, 49
Mediumship, negative phase of spiritual sight or hearing, 22
Memory of nature, sheds light on Bible passages, 3
Mental significators, signs as, article on, 433-434
Mentality, evolves through three stages, 45
Mercurial School of initiation, deals with the Lesser Mysteries, 5
Mercury, afflictions to, cause mistakes, 45
  --and Venus, creative in function, 342
  --as ruling planet, 422, 428, 446
  --before and after Sun, article, 412
  --effect in twelve houses, 195-201
  --effect in twelve signs, 201-207
  --effect on mental development, in Atlantean Epoch, 34
  --governs cerebrospinal nervous system, 342; also right cerebral hemisphere, 344
  --in aspect with other planets, 207-216
Mercury, Lords of, and development of mind, 35
  --the Planet of Reason, article, 192
Midheaven, vital point, spiritual in nature, 482
Minerals, method of using and planetary rulers, 64, 65
Moon, Ascendant, and Sun, relationship to human being, 88
  --as ruling planet, 423, 429, 446
  --cast out into space, 5
  --effect in twelve houses, 220-225
  --effect in twelve signs, 225-230
  --effect of, upon waters, 56
  --habitat of Jehovah, exalted in Taurus, 28
  --home of the angels, 32
  --in aspect to other planets, 231-243
  --increasing and decreasing, 521-523
  --new, particularly potent, 521
  --planet of fecundation, 6, 14
  --progressed aspect of, needed to focus forces, 476
  --rules desire body, 345
  --the Planet of Fecundation, article, 217
  --travels through zodiac at rate of 12 or 13 degrees a day, 499
Morning Star, or Daystar, influence on individual, 69
Mundane houses, differentiated from celestial houses or zodiacal signs, 72
Music, houses and signs aid in bestowing love of and talent for, 122, 130
  --inspiration in, given by Jupiter in Pisces, 292; Neptune, 390, 392, 408; Uranus, 349; Venus, 94, 397
Mutual Planetary Directions, article on, 512-520
Mutable signs, See Common signs.
Mystery School, inculcates ideals, 34
Mystic marriage, of lower self to higher, 10

- N -

Nadir, position of Sun with respect to, influences individual, 69
Nain, city of, location and identity, 23
Naja, translated from serpent, the Uraeus of ancient Egypt, 21
Naphtali, symbol of Capricorn, 8
Nature, the Intrinsic, of Planets, article, 112-116
Nebular spots of zodiac, location of, 442
Neptune, and epigenesis, 47-48
  --aspects with other planets, 396-404
  --as ruling planet, 427, 432, 447
  --carries Father fire, 344
  --discovered in 1846, 382
  --effect in twelve houses, 383-389
  --effect in twelve signs, 389-396
  --focuses will in voluntary nervous system, 344
  --governs pineal gland, 344
  --in Cancer (1901-1915), and mystics, 399
  --makes obsession possible, 49
  --higher octave of Mercury, 275
  --the Planet of Divinity, article, 380
  --relation to Mercury, 341-346
  --represents invisible worlds, 49, and sub- and super-human intelligences, 343
Neptunian Ray, astrologers amenable to, 49
  --cosmic consciousness of, 39
  --initiation comes about under, 50
  --makes possible practical use of magic, 49
New Testament, does not mention the Bull or the Lamb, 26
  --teachings of Christ in, 19, 21, 23
Nimrod, a mighty hunter, compared to the Celestial Centaur, 15
Nodes, points where planet crosses Sun's path, 595
  --see Dragon's Head and Tail, article, 594-599

- O -

Obesity, conditions making for, 281
Obstacles, Sun aids in overcoming, 144
Obstruction, keynote of Saturn, 244
Octaves, of Mercury and Venus, 341
Orb, of influence of progressed Sun, 488, 668
  --of three degrees to critical points, strongly felt, 412

- P -

Paracelsus, studied minerals and their planetary affinities, 65
Parallel, acts principally upon health, 488
Paul, gave spiritual meat to strong, 20
Personal houses, 1st, 5th, 9th, indicate personal or private affairs, 74-75
Pharaoh, story of, refers to Atlantis, 18
Pineal gland, vibration of with pituitary body, produces clairvoyance, 22
Piscean Age, flesh eating condemned at certain times as sin, 27
  --is middle period of Aryan Epoch, 12, 25
Pisces, effect when Sun in, 137-139, 156
  --influence when rising, 109-111, 437
  --ruled by Jupiter, 27, 110; rules the feet, 441
Pisces-Virgo, age of, refers to loaves and fishes, 26
Pituitary body, vibration of, with pineal gland produces clairvoyance, 21-22
Planetary Colors, Amulets, Birth-stones, and, article, 60-67
Planetary Directions, Mutual, effects of progressed and radical, 512-520
Planetary hours, use of in medical practice, 679
Planetary Key-words, how to use in adverse or favorable aspect, 407, 408
Planetary Octaves, articles, explains Rosicrucian viewpoint of, 341-346
Planetary powers, shown by elevation, exaltation, fall, rulership, etc., 409, 410
Planetary rays, effect of, and status in evolution, 30
  --influence of, not dependent on distance, 56
  --produce certain colors in aura, 42
  --vibrations, response to, consideration of individual's social and racial standing necessary, 30
Planets, absorb colors congruous to them, 53
  --changing positions of, prevent identical horoscopes, 55
  --in the East, affect body; in the South, social standing; in the West, partnership, 72
  --Intrinsic Nature of, article, 112-116
  --man-bearing worlds in zodiac, constantly worked upon, 4
  --messengers of God, bring opportunities, 72
  --seven spirits before the Throne, 53
  --Strength and Weakness of the, article, 409-410
  --two more, will be known in future, 51
Plants, angels are now their Group Spirits, 62
Pluto, the planet, 727
Polarities, planetary. See Medical Astrology.
Precession of Equinoxes, produces evolutionary changes, 7
Prenatal and postnatal positions of Moon, 217
Profession, or vocation, article on, 444-445
Progressed Lunar Directions, article 499-511
  --aspects of progressed Moon to natal planets, 500-510
  --aspects of progressed Moon to Midheaven, 510; to Ascendant, 511
Progressed planets, aspects between, not important, 486
Progressed Solar Directions, article, 488-498
  --aspects of progressed Sun to natal planets, 489-497
  --aspects of progressed Sun to Midheaven, 497-498; to Ascendant, 498
Progression, of the angles, 480-485
  --of the horoscope, methods of, 467-487; philosophy of, 462-466
Psychism, negative, conditions of, 302
Puberty, change of voice takes place at, 342

- Q -

Quadruplicities, three groups of, article, 80-84
  --effect of, in angles, 84-86

- R -

Race, new, will be born by end of the Aquarian Age, 11
Recapitulation, takes place in epochs and races, 13
Recording Angels, place seed atom, 89
Religions, Aryan, started when Sun entered Aries by precession, 17
  --new, overlap the ancient by long period, 18
Right Ascension, used in measuring position of planets, 468
Rising Sign, article, 88-91
  --influence of each of the twelve as, 92
  --mental effect of, 434-437
  --nature of, modified by presence of planets, 91
Rosicrucian Fellowship, The, article describing aims and headquarters, 725
Rotation, axial, of earth, in progression, 468
Rulers, of Aquarius: Saturn, See table, 64; Uranus, lord of, 358, 365
Rulership, determined by position of planets, 409
  --or horoscope, lies in Individual Will, 415
Ruling planet, effect on mind, 419-432

- S -

Sagittarius, celestial centaur, 8, 15
  --effect when Sun in, 133-134
  --entrance of Sun into, by precession, 8
  --influence when rising, 104-106, 436
  --rules hips and thighs, 441
Saturn, as ruling planet, 423, 430, 446
  --door to chaos, 6
  --effect in twelve houses, 249-255
  --effect in twelve signs, 255-261
  --gives cunning, combines with Moon and Mars in crude crafts, 33
  --in aspect to other planets, 261-272
  --the Planet of Sorrow, article, 244-249
Scarab, emblem of the soul, 6, 14
Scorpio, effect when Sun in, 131-132
  --influence when rising, 103, 104, 436
  --represented as serpent or scorpion, 8
  --rules the genitals and rectum, 441
Scorpion, has sting in the tail, 20
Second Advent, of Christ, probable time a surmise, 13
Semites, chosen to inaugurate worship of the Lamb, 18
Serpent, has venom in teeth, 20
  -- symbol of wisdom in many lands, 21
Sight, spiritual. See Medical Astrology.
Signs of the Zodiac, article, 79-91
  --airy, 87; earthly, 87; fiery, 86; watery, 87
  --cardinal, 80; common, 83; fixed, 81
  --effect of, on angles, 84-86
  --mental significators, 433-437
Sixth Epoch, may begin when Sun by precession enters Capricorn, 13
Social houses, 3rd, 7th, 11th, shows nature of relations with various souls, 75
Social standing, indicated by 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 10th houses, partly, 442
Solar ray, determines summer and winter, 56
Spinal canal, Neptune kindles spirit fire in, 343
Spinal cord, fissures in, 343
  --forging of second, by Uranian ray, 345
Spirit, faculties of, focused in physical instrument, 15
Stars, helping your, 413-418
Stellar baptism, at inhalation of first complete breath, 89
Stellar ladder, nine rungs upon, 52
Stellar ray, angle of, determines activity, 88
Stragglers, unfit to attend wedding feast, 13
Succedent houses, 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th, indicate finances, legacies, children of body and of brain, 74
Sun, as factor in horoscope, 87, 88
  --as ruling planet, 421, 427, 445
  --central, invisible source of solar system, 4
  --direct rays of, productive of spiritual illumination, 53
  --effect of position of horoscope, 140-156
  --fixed center of a solar system, 4
  --in aspect with other planets, 156-16
  --newborn, and winter solstice, 10
  --position indicates time of birth, 117, 118
  --spiritual, the real Sun, 5
  --symbol of the Savior, 10
  --visible, emanation of Central Sun, 4, 5

- T -

Talisman, effective, may be made of gems, metals, colors, 63, 64
Taurus, effect when Sun in, 121-123, 151
  --influence when rising, 93, 94, 434
  --rules neck and throat, 441
Taurus, Scorpio, age of, latter third of Atlantis, 16-17
Theorem I and II on Progression, 471
Theorem II, called Adjusted Calculation Date, 471-475
Thought, World of, no separation of, in time or space, 468
Transits, effect of, 417, 521-526
Triplicities, the four, effect of, in zodiac, 86-88

- U -

Uranus, aspects to other planets, 366-379
  --as ruling planet, 426, 432, 447
  --effect in twelve houses, 349-359
  --effect in twelve signs, 359-366
  --gives compassion, etc., 42, 43
  --keyword of, Altruism, compared with Coalition, 347
  --nature of, 346-349
  --octave of Venus, 32. See also Chapter XV.
  --ray of, forging second spinal cord, 345
  --relation to Venus, 341-346
  --ruler of Aquarius, 358, 364; rules the ether, 166
  --spiritual rays of, give intense feeling of Oneness, 47

- V -

Vampirism, engendered by perverse use of Uranian ray, 49
Venus, as ruling planet, 421, 428, 446
  --effect in twelve houses, 171-177
  --effect in twelve signs, 177-184
  --fostered plastic arts, 34
  --in aspect with other planets, 185-191
  --Lords of, came to earth in Atlantean Epoch, 34
  --the Planet of Love, 169
Virgo, effect when Sun in, 127-129, 153
  --heavenly mother of Christ, 9
  --influence when rising, 99-101, 435
  --passage of Sun through by precession, 10
  --rules abdominal parts, 441
  --vehicle of immaculate conception, 9
Vital points, Midheaven and Ascendant, 482
Vitality, Sun is main source of, 144
  --Sun, with Moon and Ascendant, indictor of health and disease, 438
Vocation, how to choose, article on, 444-447
Vulcan, Neptune so called by Western Mystics, 380
Voluntary nervous system, governed by Mercury, 344-345

- W -

Wedding feast, of higher to lower self, 13
  --stragglers lack "wedding garment" required for, 13
Widow, son of a, member of Freemasons, 23
Will, of man, an indeterminable factor, 465
  --may overrule power of stars, 59, 462-466
  --not shown in horoscope, 381
Winter solstice, time of rise of newborn sun, 10
World, Desire, world of feelings, desires, and emotions, 467

- Z -

Zodiac, evolution as shown, in chapter on, 3-29
  --natural and intellectual, 79
  --of Temple of Denderah, pictures Cancer as beetle or scarab, 6




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