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What Else is Astrology Good For?



Astrology shows the fact that what one sowed in previous lives he reaps in this life. The twin laws of Rebirth and Consequence work in harmony with the stars so that the child is born at the time when the positions of the planets will bring him that which he has earned in former lives. If he was a hardworking, conscientious man, mindful of the rights of others and endeavoring to discharge his obligations to the fullest, he returns with a horoscope which reflects this character and enables him to go through life peacefully and without undue stress or strife. But the careless, thriftless person, or the dissolute and unscrupulous, comes back sooner or later with a horoscope which reflects these traits of character, resulting in inharmonious conditions.


The horoscope contains invaluable information regarding one's health, showing where the weak points are and how they may be overcome. It indicates the diseases to which one may be susceptible and the means of strengthening the weak organs.

Guidance of children is one of the most important phases of astrology. The vocation for which young people are best suited and the line of least resistance is shown, and also the specific field through which the native has chosen to labor in this incarnation.


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