Rosicrucian Fundamentals in Questions and Answers

   Question: Who are the Rosicrucians and what does the name signify?

   Answer: The ancient Rosicrucian Brotherhood consisted of high spiritual beings who had advanced far beyond ordinary man in purity and spiritual wisdom. They were learned alchemists, doctors, and mathematicians -- twelve Supermen of the fourteenth century, who were guided by and who worked with a thirteenth known by the name of Christian Rosenkreuz (Christian Rose Cross). These thirteen august men worked secretly. They formed themselves into a Brotherhood known as the Rosicrucian Order or Order of the Rose Cross. The teachings of this Order were given only to a very few wise men; nothing was printed until the year 1614 when a small pamphlet written in the German language was circulated among those only who were ready to receive these teachings.

   This secret brotherhood is still in existence, is still working with and for the upliftment of humanity. Only those who are highly evolved spiritually are admitted into this inner branch of the Rosicrucian movement, and these physicians of the soul may be found among those who are at the helm of some great movement or country and are directly concerned with the forward movement of the world and its work. These Brothers never make themselves known and work unselfishly for the good of mankind.

   In 1908 Max Heindel, who was of Danish birth, was chosen as a messenger of these Brothers to carry the Rosicrucian Teachings to the western world, and after spending some time under their direct tutelage, was instructed to return to America and give to the world publicly what previously had been held secret. At this particular time in the world's work, mankind had reached the stage where it could be given a more exalted phase of the Christian religion and when the mysteries (which the Christ spoke of in Matthew 13:11, and Luke 8:10) should be given to the many instead of the few.

   After Max Heindel reached America he had these exalted teachings printed in the textbook entitled The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, which has been translated into various languages and continues to be shipped into all parts of the world. He also established The Rosicrucian Fellowship as the Preparatory School for the Rosicrucian Order, with International Headquarters at Mt. Ecclesia, Oceanside, California. The Fellowship has no connection with any other organization, even if the latter does use the word "Rosicrucian" as a part of its title.


   Question: Do the Rosicrucians teach that the Christ was a divine Messenger -- the Savior of the world?

   Answer: Yes, Christ Jesus was the greatest being that has ever functioned in a physical body on our Earth. However, the Rosicrucian Teachings explain that Jesus was a man, and that at the Baptism, he surrendered his lower vehicles to the Christ Spirit to use in His ministry on the material plane. At the Crucifixion the Christ was released from the bodies of Jesus and entered into the Earth. This great Archangel is still the indwelling Spirit of the Earth, is still the Savior of mankind. After a careful study of the teachings as given out by the Rosicrucian Fellowship, the Christ becomes a living factor in the lives of students, who not only recognize the divinity of Christ but who make every effort to follow in His footsteps.


   Question: Does the Rosicrucian student believe in a life after death?

   Answer: Yes, the Rosicrucian Teachings take the sting of sorrow out of death because they prepare the aspirant for what he is to expect in the life to come. A journey into foreign lands is made pleasant when we are prepared and know of the country into which we are to travel; likewise it is a great comfort to know of conditions existing in that land which has been made so mysterious by the dark shadow of ignorance which has rested over man for so many ages. Knowledge of the life beyond the grave is most comforting to the one who has lost loved ones.

   The Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross, with their superior knowledge of the spiritual worlds bring to us the proof of an existence of these higher worlds; also many advanced students have received positive proof of life after death: to them it is no longer a theory but a Truth. It is possible, with the development of a finer sense, to actually experience and see the conditions existing in this invisible land of the so-called dead which is interpenetrating our dense physical world, although unseen by those who have only the sense of physical sight developed. As John McCreery says in his beautiful poem:

"They are not dead. They have but passed
Beyond the mists that blind us here,
Into a new and larger life
Of that serener sphere."

   Death to the Rosicrucian student is but a shifting of consciousness, a casting away of a worn-out garment (the physical body) to take on that spiritual body which Paul tells us about in the 15th Chapter of 1st. Corinthians.


   Question: Do the Rosicrucians believe in Rebirth and the Law of Consequence?

   Answer: In the 17th chapter of Matthew verses 11, 12, 13, Jesus gave his disciples a very wonderful demonstration of the philosophy of rebirth. After his transfiguration he plainly said that Elias had come already and the disciples understood he had reference to John the Baptist. The 8th chapter of Job and the latter portion of the 19th chapter tells us of rebirth.

   The Rosicrucians teach that all the causes set into action in one life cannot ripen in one existence, and that all things must reach a stage of fruition, that "Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." This is one of the biblical teachings, that man must reap his own harvests from the seeds he has sown, be they good or evil; therefore each individual passes through a number of earth lives during which he builds character. It is at this stage of his living that he either enjoys the fruits of his past building, or is suffering from the results of his evil deeds.

   Each life is as a day in school, where the spirit learns its lessons. We are told in Genesis that God made man in His own image; if man is divinely made he must also become as wise as the Father Who made him. Naturally this cannot be accomplished in one life, but a slow process of evolution is necessary to lift man from that tiny spark of divinity to become as wise and all knowing as his Father in heaven.


   Question: Tell us something about the Rosicrucian method of healing the sick.

   Answer: In each of the four gospels we find that the Christ preached the gospel of healing. He healed all who came to Him and He sent His disciples out into the world with the two commands: Preach the Gospel and Heal the Sick. These two commands are also given to the Rosicrucians, who are physicians of the soul, for sickness is first manifested in the Vital Body, which is the vehicle of the soul and healing can be best accomplished through this invisible vehicle. During the time of sleep when man is free from his physical body and functioning in the spiritual world, healing is more quickly accomplished. The esoteric students are trained for this particular work.

   Full details regarding healing may be secured by writing to The Rosicrucian Fellowship, Oceanside, 92054, U.S.A.


   Question: We understand that the Rosicrucians do not set a price upon their lessons nor upon their healing ministrations. Is not the workman "worthy of his hire?"

   Answer: In the 10th chapter of Matthew, Christ tells His disciples to go to the lost sheep of Israel and to preach the gospel and heal the sick. But he also tells them to provide neither gold, silver, brass, nor scrip for their journey. In the 10th chapter of 1st Corinthians, Paul also holds out this thought, to preach the gospel without charge. The Rosicrucians have followed this practice from the very beginning and never set a price on their teachings. No true believer of this exalted teaching will charge for lessons or require a monthly membership fee. This at once brands him as an impostor. If we have faith and work unselfishly, God will always take care of His own and the Love offerings will be sufficient to keep the aspirant in his simple needs.


   Question: But will this not encourage some to take all and give nothing? Will it not develop selfishness in some? There is a law in nature that we cannot obtain anything for nothing.

   Answer: Yes, numbers are attending the churches, lectures and classes, never dropping a penny into the collection baskets, feeling this unnecessary unless they are approached and, naturally, they will take all and give nothing. But they do not reason the matter from the standpoint of God's laws which are silently operating through the laws of Cause and Effect; sometime, somewhere, these debts will come to the Ego who thinks he is slipping through life defrauding, taking all and giving nothing.

"Be not deceived, God is not mocked,
For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."


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