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Western Wisdom Bible Course

This profound course will help the student to recognize in the Bible a spiritual guide of inestimable value, given to humanity by the Recording Angels, and will enable the student to interpret and understand its hitherto unrevealed secrets of life and being to such an extent that they find its truths corroborated and illumined by scientific discoveries. Parables and seemingly insignificant incidents become revealed as purveyors of basic scientific, spiritual laws upon which a more satisfactory and truly successful life may be patterned.

In order to realize the most benefit from our Western Wisdom Bible Course we suggest you study our Preliminary Philosophy Course consisting of twelve lessons. The Preliminary Philosophy Course must be completed one lesson at a time. We hope that the understanding of life and its problems offered by this course will bring you much comfort and joy. For more information on this course or to sign up, click here.

These lessons are not sold. The Rosicrucian Teaching is free, but the expenses incidental to their production and website distribution are met by free-will offerings from students "as the heart dictates and the means permit."

Western Wisdom Bible Course, lessons 1 - 14
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Western Wisdom Bible Course, lessons 15 - 28
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