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   The Rosicrucian Fellowship is an association of Christian men and women banded together for the purpose of helping to make Christianity a living factor in the world. Its teachings give a definite, logical, and sequential explanation of the origin, evolution, and future development of the world and man, from both the spiritual and scientific aspects. The Fellowship has no connection with any other organization. Upon completion of the Preliminary Philosophy Course, one becomes a Regular Student, and receives monthly a Student Letter and Lesson. These are to be studied, though no written answers are required. A postal card is sent with the Student Lesson and is to be signed and returned each month, so that connection with the spiritual forces of the Fellowship may be maintained. After two years of Regular Studentship, during which time the aspirant has striven to raise his spiritual standard of living, practicing self-control and "loving, self- forgetting service to others," the next step may be applied for: Probationership. The following courses, offered on a love offering basis, are open to all except hypnotists, and professional mediums, palmists and astrologers, and are available in several languages.

  The following courses are now offered via the World Wide Web:


1. Preliminary Course (12 lessons)
2. Supplementary Course (after completing above: 40 lessons).


   This profound course, will help the Student to recognize in the Bible a spiritual guide of inestimable value given to humanity by the Recording Angels, and will enable the Student to interpret and understand its hitherto unrevealed secrets of life and being to such an extent that they find its truths corroborated and illumined by scientific discoveries. Parables and seemingly insignificant incidents become revealed as purveyors of basic scientific spiritual laws upon which a more satisfactory and truly successful life may be patterned (28 lessons).


   The Junior Course covers the setting up of the chart and then advances to the reading of it, showing the Student how to synthesize the horoscope as a whole and arrive at a point where the message contained therein may be read (26 lessons). The Senior Course is devoted to the esoteric phases, particularly in connection with one's spiritual development (12 lessons). The Senior Extension Course devotes its first 10 lessons to an in-depth reading of the horoscope, at the same time correlating the astrological data with the Rosicrucian Philosophy. The last three lessons are devoted to the progression of the horoscope, directions, and transits (13 lessons).

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