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Dear Friend:

  We are happy to have your application for our Astrology course. Our three courses in Astrology are based on the Teachings as given to humanity by the Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order through The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception and the personal investigations of Max Heindel.

  We think it would be advisable to enroll in the Preliminary Philosophy Course (twelve lessons) along with your Astrology course, because we think your study of Spiritual Astrology will be more meaningful. So, we offer to you the first lesson of our Preliminary Philosophy Course, and we trust that the understanding of life and its problems offered by this course will bring you much comfort and joy.

  A New Age is dawning, and wonderful opportunities await those who understand and cooperate with the cosmic forces operating to break humanity's bond of materialism and usher in a new order with higher spiritual concepts. As we bring ourselves into harmony with these forces, we not only greatly hasten our own progress, but make it possible for us to aid in the great work of uplifting all humanity.

  These lessons are not sold. The Rosicrucian Teaching is free, but the expenses incidental to their production and distribution are met by free-will offerings from students "as the heart dictates and the means permit." However, all receive the same teaching and attention even though circumstances may be such that some are unable to assist in supporting the work.

  Please feel that we are your friends, and that we consider it a pleasure and a privilege to assist you in any way possible to live the higher life, which leads to true happiness and spiritual unfoldment.

  We send our best wishes for your spiritual progress.

Yours in service,
The Rosicrucian Fellowship,
  Astrology Section

Astrology Letter No. 1

Dear Friend,

   We send you herewith the first lesson in Astrology, but feel that it would be incomplete if only the mathematical side were elucidated and the spiritual side neglected, for the latter part of Astrology is the kernel, the essence, while mathematics is only the terms of the outer expression.

   The hands of the clock show the time of events in daily life, but they would remain inert and motionless were they not propelled onward by a force in the hidden spring. Their stoppage might cause us to miss an appointment. The visible planets also mark events of life like the hands of a clock; they also are propelled in their courses by an unseen force analogous to the spring in a clock, except that the Great Spirits whose bodies they are never stop, and therefore we never miss an appointment registered upon the clock of destiny, although we may cancel it -- under certain circumstances -- as we do engagements in ordinary life.

   It is said of Edison that when he was night operator in a railway telegraph office, he put a pail upon a shelf, led a hose from a faucet into it, turned on a small stream of water calculated to fill the pail before the next train was due, placed his chair under the pail, and went to sleep. The overflowing water compelled him to waken and attend to business as no alarm could have done. We are all turning a constant stream of actions for good or ill into the reservoir of time, and the overflow is always coming back to us and impelling us to new deeds. It does not matter if we have gone to sleep as Edison; even the sleep of death cannot abrogate the deeds of the immortal spirit. A new birth brings each back exactly when his pail of time is full, so that he may reap what he has sown.

   It is of the greatest importance that you should understand this viewpoint very thoroughly. We do not have a certain fate because we are born at a certain moment and impelled by stellar rays then prevailing. If so, we should then have a right to rail at fate for being born under an evil star without choice or prerogative. We should then hate God for making us subject to such a fate. Edison would have had a right to be provoked if any one had awakened him in the manner described, but knowing that his own act before going to sleep had caused the wetting and realizing the benefit of the heroic treatment, he probably felt well pleased. So with us, if we realize that our own past acts are the determinators of our conditions and that the stars simply mark the most favorable time for harvesting what we have sown, we shall be more contented and seek to learn the lessons of life instead of railing because of what we lack in faculty or fortune.

   Hoping that you will ponder over these important distinctions and always maintain that we were born at a certain time because the positions of the stars was then such as would bring us the fate we had earned and the lessons to be learned, I am,

Yours in Fellowship,
  Max Heindel

Materials Needed for the Courses in Astrology:

[Note:The "Information for Astrology Course" booklet, available online, contains all of the required course reference materials found in the books below. With the exception of the required chart calculation worksheets, it contains all of the reference materials needed for the Junior and Senior Astrology Courses.]

1] Simplified Scientific Ephemeris for 1911, 1912 and 1932 computed for NOON (order "Information for Astrology Course" booklet) - Also available online.

2] Simplified Scientific Tables of Houses

3] Simplified Scientific Astrology (Complete textbook on the art of erecting horoscopes, with dictionary of astrological terms) - Also available online.

4] The Message of the Stars (An esoteric exposition of Natal and Medical Astrology explaining the arts of reading and progressing the Horoscope and diagnosing diseases) - Also available online.

5] Horoscope Data Sheet (one dozen) noon

6] Rosicrucian Fellowship Ephemeris Software (not required, but perhaps useful). RF_Astro also has ephemeris calculation capabilities.

  All of the above can be obtained from our Book Order Department.

Astrology Lesson No. 1

Junior Grade

  In commencing a correspondence course of instruction where the teacher has no means of knowing to what extent a pupil is informed upon the subject of study, the only safe method is to assume that he knows absolutely nothing thereof, otherwise the teacher may omit instruction upon rudimentary matters which he thinks are common knowledge, to find later that his neglect has given the pupil wrong ideas which may be difficult to eradicate.

   Therefore, we shall begin at the beginning of our subject and request students already informed upon matters treated in the early lessons to be patient and send in their answers so that we may know that they are properly prepared to receive further instruction in the method of calculating a horoscope.

The Basis of Calculation


   A horoscope is simply a chart of the heavens calculated by the rules of astronomy. It shows certain positions of the planets and zodiacal signs in relation to the earth. These positions are not permanent, however. If they were, the location of the heavenly bodies could be determined once for all time without need of further calculation. The influence of the planets upon the Earth would then also remain constant, and there would be no use for astronomy or astrology. But as the Earth makes a complete revolution upon its axis each 24 hours, every point in the northern heavens may be seen once a day from any point in the northern half of the Earth, and every star in the southern heavens rises and sets each day in every part of the southern half of our globe. The Earth and its sister planets revolve around the sun at such varying rates that their positions relative to the Earth and to one another are constantly changing. Every day the heavens are different from every other day. If a child were born now, while you are reading this, the positions of the planets at this moment will not be duplicated for about twenty-six thousand years, a period which the astronomers call a "Great Sidereal Year." In the meantime the relations of the planets would undergo an infinite number of kaleidoscopic changes; consequently their influence would be different in respect to every individual born in the interval, and thus time becomes a prime factor in the science of astrology.


   It is further evident, however, that time is not the same the world over. When the Sun rises at the place where you live, it is setting at another place; so that when it is morning in your home, it is evening for the people in another part of the world. This makes another difference in the horoscopes of children born at the same moment but in different parts of the world, as you will readily understand when you consider that the Sun's rays affect the Earth differently in the morning, at noon, and at midnight. The planets' places and influence would also differ in the case of children born at the same time but in opposite parts of the world, for if a planet were just above the birthplace of one, its rays would impinge upon that child with unimpeded force, but to reach the other, born in an opposite part, it would be necessary for the stellar ray to travel directly through the Earth -- as radio waves cross mountains -- and part of its force would thus be spent by the time it reached the child. Therefore planets under the Earth have less influence on a life than those above.

   Thus you see that time and place are the basic factors in a horoscope, and the more accurately we are able to determine them, the better we shall be able to delineate the character and predict events for those whom we aim to help.

The Exact Time

   In noting the time of birth of children it is advisable to have the clock set as accurately as possible. Mark that the time of birth in the astrological sense is not the moment of delivery but the instant when the infant gives its first cry, for that cry is the completion of its initial breath. After entering the lungs, the air, charged with the subtle stellar influences peculiar to that moment, is carried by the blood through every part of the sensitive little infant body and stamps every atom and memory center with its vibrations. This primal impression will prevail during life, though the atoms change again and again just as a scar perpetuates itself upon the flesh, because the memory center, also called the "seed-atom", located in the heart (see Cosmo-Conception pages 97-98), retains the first stellar impulse which acts as a blue-print on the Etheric Matrix that controls the various components of the atom rebuilt during this lifetime. Therefore, the stellar rays at the moment of birth exert a powerful influence all through life. They are impelling forces which sway us hither and thither as driftwood is propelled by currents of the sea.

   It is the purpose of astrology to teach that these forces exist and that by exerting our Will Power we may steer the bark of our life as we wish, and bring ourselves to live better lives in harmony with the Laws of Nature and also teach how we may help others in the like endeavor.

The Exact Place


   Geographically, the Earth is divided by two sets of imaginary lines, one running from East to West, and the other from North to South. The circle running East-West halfway between the North and South poles, as shown in the above chart, is called the Equator. Other circles, called Parallels of Latitude, are imagined running parallel to the equator, and their use is to measure the distance of any place north or south of the equator. Now get an atlas, and look at the map of North America. Along the right and left hand borders you will see certain numbers. Note that a curved line runs from number 50 on the right to number 50 on the left. This is the fiftieth degree of latitude. All cities along this line, in America, Europe, or Asia are equidistant from the equator, and are said to be located in "Latitude 50 North."

   Another line runs from number 40 on the left border to number 40 on the right. Let us note some of the principal cities on or near this line: San Francisco is a little further south, Denver right on the line; Chicago and New York a trifle north. Now turn to the map of Europe. There the right and left hand numbers with their connecting circles are also parallels of latitude. At the number 40 you will see Lisbon and Madrid. Proceeding eastward Rome and Constantinople appear a little to the north of our line.

   These places may be said, for the purpose of elementary instruction, to be in the same degree of latitude, and therefore another determinator must be used to differentiate the location of each place from all others.


   This is accomplished by dividing the Earth from pole to pole by another set of imaginary circles called Meridians of Longitude, shown in the above chart running the North-South axis. They are so called because all places located along such a circle have noon at the same instant, regardless of how far they are from the equator or whether near the north or south pole.

   Now look again at your map of Europe. There you will see numbered lines running from the top of the map to the bottom. These are meridians of longitude. One is numbered 0. If you follow that line you will find London, and close thereto a place called Greenwich. That is the location of the world's greatest observatory, and for purposes of astronomical calculation all places on Earth are considered as being so and so many degrees west or east of Greenwich.

   Thus, by Latitude we obtain the location of a certain place North or South of the equator.

   By Longitude we designate its position East or West of Greenwich.

   When the location of a place is stated in terms of latitude and longitude, it marks a certain spot beyond all doubt or possibility of confusion with any other place, and gives the astrologer the second of the primal factors necessary to calculate a scientific horoscope: place.

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  If you prefer to work offline, you are welcome to e-mail your answers and/or comments to us. Please be sure to include your e-mail address, full name, course name and lesson number in your e-mail to us.]

1] What is meant by Longitude and Latitude?

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2] Go to the first section of the Simplified Scientific Table of Houses and state the location, i.e., the nearest exact degree (no minutes) of longitude and latitude of:

    Berlin (Germany)
    Vienna (Austria)
    Baghdad (Iraq)
    Santiago (Chile)
    Ottawa (Canada)
    Detroit (Michigan, U.S.A.)
    Los Angeles (California, U.S.A.)
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3] When does birth occur from the astrological viewpoint?

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4] How can the planets at birth influence the whole life?

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5] What is the purpose of astrology?

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6] Write the names of the signs of the zodiac and their corresponding symbols.

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  Note: Please do not fail to read and reread the pages in which you find the answers to these questions. After carefully studying the subject matter, strive to condense your answer as much as possible, taking into consideration the principal points.

A Prayer for the Student

  The Rosicrucian student should cultivate the spirit of prayer. One of the most legitimate prayers for constant use is:

   "O God, increase my love for Thee so that I may serve Thee better from day to day. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer."

  Following St. Paul's instructions, pray without ceasing.

  If this prayer is used regularly, it will unfold your consciousness scientifically and spiritually.

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