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Rosicrucian Fellowship Ephemeris Software


A calculation program for ephemerides, 1900 - 2100

RF_Ephem_v100_install (full version), 1,454,309, 12 June 2015.

RF_Ephem_SE_v200_install (full version using the Swiss Ephemeris).

The Rosicrucian Fellowship proudly presents The Rosicrucian Fellowship Ephemeris Software. A picture of the input screen appears below so you may see the many features and options this software contains.


The Rosicrucian Fellowship Ephemeris Software Features

True planetary positions given - spiritual astrology does not consider the effects of light abberration, nutation, etc.

4 different zodiacs - tropical, sidereal, ayanamsa and custom ayanamsa.

Generate midnight or noon ephemeris data, 1900 - 2100.

Generate heliocentric or geocentric positions.

Data output consists of longitude, declination, right ascension (in either zodiacal coordinates or in hours, minutes and seconds) and latitude.

Generate true or mean Node positions for the Moon.

Vary the number of days for which you want to generate data - or do a whole month at a time.

Automatically save data to files on disk - or not - your choice.

For the aspectarian, control whether Moon sign changes are automatically listed or not.

For Windows.


  • Please note that only true planetary positions are calculated. Spiritual astrology does not consider the effects of light abberration, nutation, etc. as spiritual forces are not affected by distance, gravity, time, etc.


  • Please realize that a small font size was used in the below pictures in order to allow you to see more data. Therefore, some glyphs look a little fragmented or incomplete. The font size used for the text listings is variable within the program.



    Note the lunation, Moon sign change (ingress) and the change of direction in Mercury.

RF_Ephem Aspectarian


RF_Ephem Geocentric Longitude


RF_Ephem Heliocentric Longitude


RF_Ephem Declination


RF_Ephem Longitude (Sidereal)


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