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Rosicrucian Fellowship Planetary Hours Programs


Working together The Rosicrucian Fellowship Planetary Hours programs display listings of any day's planetary hours, their rulers, and the times the hours start. Max Heindel has said that the study and use of planetary hours can bring wonderful opportunities for soul growth if they are used to help our fellowman. Now you can begin to use them in a conscious, constructive way.

Here is a sample of what the displays from the programs look like:

Planetary Hours

Planetary Hours

These programs also include text from Max Heindel about planetary hours, their use, etc., as well as articles on philosophy and spiritual astrology.

RF_PHRS.ZIP, 316163, 03 August 2001. Download the software now. Unzip the downloaded file and run setup.exe to install. Please read the text files for complete information.

NOTE: You MUST download VBRUN300.ZIP or already have VBRUN300.DLL in your c:\windows\system directory in order to be able to install RF_PHRS.

VBRUN300.ZIP, 229286, 09 Aug 1996.

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