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Rosicrucian Fellowship Astrology Calculation Program


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The Rosicrucian Fellowship has received many requests for a Windows computer astrology program that calculates and displays the data needed for spiritual astrology study and analysis. We now have such a program. The Rosicrucian Fellowship Astrology Calculation Program calculates natal, progressed, solar arc and transit data and displays single, dual and triple chart wheels that can be printed in color for those who have a color printer. Other features include solar and lunar returns, synastry charts, planetary hours, keywords, lunations and daily transit interpretations. PLUS there are many text files which contain the teachings of Max Heindel regarding astrology, its symbolism, the keyword system of astrological interpretation, and the Rosicrucian Philosophy.

RF_Astro_v100_install.exe, 1,637,728, 05 September 2011. Download the software now. Simply run this install program to install RF_Astro on your computer. This version of RF_Astro will make it easier for you to run it on Windows 7 systems. Please read the text files for complete information.

QUICK1.ZIP, 1883, 18 Feb 1998. Tips For Quick Start Up for RF_ASTRO.

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