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Ydun, goddess of health, Questions and Answers, Volume II 265, 551

Yellow, is the color or Christ, the Son, Ancient and Modern Initiation 15, Rosicrucian Mysteries 124; is higher color of aura, Freemasonry and Catholicism 58; is indicative of intellect, Freemasonry and Catholicism 60; predominates in average saintly aura, The Web of Destiny 106; produces consciousness, Rosicrucian Mysteries 188

Yggdrasil, is Norse Tree of Life, Christianity Lectures 200; Mysteries of the Great Operas 88

Ymer, is Giant of Northern myths, Ancient and Modern Initiation 80

Yoga, Ancient and Modern Initiation 107; Christianity Lectures 304; Cosmo-Conception 437

Yom Kippur, Ancient and Modern Initiation 37, 59

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