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Zodiac, and rebirth, Cosmo-Conception 160; each star in, is living organism, Christianity Lectures 260; evolution as shown in, Message of the Stars 3-29; intellectual, Simplified Scientific Astrology 26-27; is circle divided into 360 degrees, Simplified Scientific Astrology 25; is clock of destiny, Christianity Lectures 167-168; Cosmo-Conception 163; is cosmic sounding board, Letters to Students 65; Occult Principles of Health and Healing 164; is encircled by Sun in 2,100 years, Questions and Answers, Volume II 54; is womb of solar system Cosmo-Conception 256; natural and intellectual, Questions and Answers, Volume II 349, 351, 359; Simplified Scientific Astrology 26; new degree of rises every four minutes, Questions and Answers, Volume I 51; Simplified Scientific Astrology 13; of Denderah, Cosmo-Conception 512; Message of the Stars 6; signs of, Christianity Lectures 170, Cosmo-Conception 221; Message of the Stars 541; Simplified Scientific Astrology 61

Zohar, Cosmo-Conception 319; Questions and Answers, Volume I 156

Zoroastrian religion, Rosicrucian Mysteries 86

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